7 Best Battery Storage Organizer Case 2021 – Tested & Recommended

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Batteries are explosive and if you carry a lot of them in an ordinary bag then it is risky too. Because water may penetrate into it, then fire can catch them, and an accident may cause heavy shock. Here is why, to protect them you need a battery organizer case not only just to organize your batteries but also, you can put them safely.

Again, a battery organizer is supposed to eat up varieties of batteries starting from AA, AAA, 9V, those kinds. Today we will share you the best battery storage organizer with every possible feature that you opt for. Don’t go away and jump into the article!

Top Rated Battery Storage Organizer Case 2021






COMECASE Hard Battery Organizer Storage Box


Holds 148 batteries

PAIYULE Battery Organizer Storage Case


Holds 140 batteries

Keenstone Battery O rganizer Storage Case


Holds 139 Batteries

DocSafe Fireproof Battery Organizer Storage Box


Holds 200 batteries

PENBOR Battery Organizer Storage Case


Holds 110 batteries

7 Best Battery Storage Organizer Case – Reviewed by Experts

Finding the best battery storage organizer case for your batteries isn’t always easy. Luckily, we have chosen some industry-leading battery organizers, just for you. See more below.

1. COMECASE Hard Battery Organizer Storage Box

Holds 148 batteries
Has ample rooms for batteries
Very lightweight and easy to carry
Convenient for all types of batteries 

If you want to see all of your accessories neatly confined in a case, then COMECASE would be the perfect carrying bag for you. It holds almost all the batteries, no matter how many electronic gadgets you have to run.

Once we crack up the box you will find removable soft foam, and it is incredibly so roam inside the box. Moreover, it contains different shapes of batteries in different manners.

COMECASE Hard Battery Organizer Storage
Image source: amazon.com

HQ EVA Material: Eva is the name of the world’s top-notch material because it is durable, shockproof, and waterproof. Let’s not forget to tell you about the external layer. It is completely shockproof and handy to keep bigger batteries, small go pro cam (just a reference), and many more.

The outside of the case seems pretty hard. For example, if you even smash it on the ground, the batteries will cause no harm at all. The gripping handle of this case is both comfortable and durable.

Ample room with snug fitting: COMECASE is an ideal case with the different sizes of the case. We recommend you choose the large size when you want all sorts of batteries in different shapes. Once you unbox it, then you will find the foam superb convenient to put batteries and find them snugged fitting under it.

Convenient & easy to carry: The most amazing benefit of this case- it is quick, at the same time hassle-free. The battery tester helps you to choose the active batteries. Moreover, at the outer layer of the case, you are going to find it handy to carry without any risk.

  • Pretty lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It is scratch, dust, water, and shock resistant.
  • You can find ample room to keep many batteries and never run out of space.
  • Convenient to put all types of batteries including AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, and Lithium.
  • There would be no locking mechanism

2. PAIYULE Battery Organizer Storage Case

Holder 140 batteries
Easily handles messy batteries 
Has large capacity for battery storage
Contains durable, shockproof, and water resistant material

PAIYULE will provide your most impeccable and sophisticated battery storage case ever. Because it is secured from fire and water both. After researching this amazing product, we come across a few features that make this standout from many competitors.

PAIYULE Battery Organizer Storage
Image source: amazon

We would love to tell you how well-built it is, using the breathable mesh where water easily resisted from the outside. Again, the Eva technology makes it enable to become a shockproof bag, indeed.

Dense foam for holding batteries: The materials come from EVA, so if you are not compromising the quality, then this would be an amazing bait for you.

Moreover, the foam of it is special as it is not only adequate to put batteries in, but also the foam is pretty dense to securely hold batteries at different sizes. So once you place them inside it, then you will never need to worry about them.

Well-built 360 degree zipped compartment: Battery storage organizer saves space at the same time it is a place where we find ease to put batteries as well. Thankfully, it is a well-built compartment where you can unzip it starting from any place.

The durability knows no bounds since water won’t get inside due to the waterproof external layer. Moreover, the hard eva material makes it shockproof too. Interestingly, the interior velet is soft and flexible.

  • Spacious to store all types of batteries
  • Easy to carry since it is pretty lightweight
  • Groove design ensure the minimum battery friction
  • The sponge seems floppy and barely sinks too deep into the case.

3. Keenstone Battery O rganizer Storage Case

Holds 139 Batteries
Protects batteries from shock
Will keep your batteries always safe
Minimizes the danger of battery explosions

When it comes to choosing a battery organizer, Keenstone would be one of the industry leaders. The explosionproof feature makes it stand out from others.

Keenstone Battery O rganizer Storage
Image source: amazon.com

Using the high quality materials, it ensures to limit explosion or fire. Also, it is a great place to put together batteries up to 139. The black shiny storage will blow your mind with its sleek design as well.

High endurance: It is a fireproof battery organizer and there is no doubt about that. Some battery organizers only keep your batteries in places, but it will stand out from ensuring absolute safety.

No matter, you throw your bag where fire is everywhere, this bag will take care of all of your batteries. Hence, it amazingly minimizes the danger of loss while there will be battery explosion.

Durable Material: Safety is not just an only goal. This bag lasts long as well. The best part is, the batteries will snugly fit in great cut-out foam. This type of foam is made from Eva material.

On the other hand, the double zipper seems great where the velvet restricts the water and fire both. The handle and the inner layer help to make it amazingly shockproof. Overall, if you want to avoid any types of accidental occurrence, then it is your go-to option.

  • Flame resistant and safe
  • It will last for years to come
  • Zero chances of battery explosion
  • Hydrophobic, so no water damage
  • Upside down case opening doesn’t work.

4. DocSafe Fireproof Battery Organizer Storage Box

Holds 200+ Batteries
Portable and easy to use
Can handle multiple sizes of batteries 
Will prevent your batteries from moisture 

When searching for a fireproof and waterproof combo, chances are, your battery storage won’t be any good. But with the DocSafe Fireproof battery organizer, you will taste both fire and water protection. Turns out, batteries will stay a hundred percent safe in up to 2000 F environment.

DocSafe Fireproof Battery Organizer Storage
Image source: amazon.com

A fiberglass coating helps you withstand any damage due to faulty batteries. Additionally, you can put more than 200 batteries of various sizes.

Explosion Protection: What is the worst situation when you store many batteries in a single place? Explosion of course. The temperature of such an explosion can reach up to 2000-degree Fahrenheit. Luckily, DocSafe offers a fiberglass interior, which restricts the explosion inside the bag. No matter the damage, the battery storage will protect you every time.

Easy to carry: As the battery storage has a bag like appearance with a handle on top, carrying it is easy as pie. The organization is picture perfect, so nothing will get miss-aligned any time soon. With a lightweight construction, you will hardly feel the burden of all the batteries.

Huge holding capacity: When you work in a hardware store, storing many batteries in a single place are the norm. Starting from AA to botton type batteries, you can store them all. The best part is, Alkaline or ACDelco batteries won’t be an issue, unlike other popular storage options. If keeping your 3V batteries is troublesome, just use DocSafe battery storage.

  • No fire hazard problem
  • Preinstalled battery tester
  • Safe & Lightweight & Portable
  • Flame protection for all batteries
  • Water resistant and highly durable
  • Have to remove each individual foam insert before use

5. PENBOR Battery Organizer Storage Case

Holds 110 Batteries 
Affordable and safe to use
Adjusts with all batteries easily
Ensures a large capacity of space

The Penbor battery storage organizes your batteries in a perfect storing system. Starting from the 12 button cell batteries to the AA, you can store them all. The holes are just the right size and will hardly fall off. When it comes to safety and affordability, you will love it for sure.

PENBOR Battery Organizer Storage
Image source: amazon.com

You will also get a 30 days money-back guarantee and up to a year of service warranty. With an easy tester battery life, long-term use of PENBOR will surely be in your grasp. Stay determined to cut corners if the PENBOR battery case owns your acquisition.

Large capacity: You can organize different sizes of batteries in PENBOR storage case because of the large capacity inside. Turns out, 48pcs AA, 24pcs AAA, 8pcs D Cell and 10pcs C Cell, 8pcs 9V battery and 12 button cell batteries can fit in it. You don’t need to get separate storage for each battery type.

Never fall out: In general, we face a lot when carrying too many batteries seems like a burden to us. PENBOIR comes up with a special slot design to hold an ample amount of batteries to avoid such problems. Regardless, your batteries will not slide around and collide with each other.

Simple and convenient: There are independent storage compartments designed without cover. Thus, you can simply adjust your multiple-size batteries. PENBOIR battery case will be your best alternative for drawer, desktop, or wall mount.

  • Batteries can hardly fall off
  • Comes with safety and affordability
  • Adjusts with different size batteries
  • Ensures a large capacity of space inside
  • Batteries scatter in jerking places inside box

6. GWCASE Battery Organizer Storage Holder

Hold 140+ batteries
Easy to carry and hold on the go
Can adapt with different shape batteries
High quality built and battery protection

Usually, we stress a lot because of our messy batteries. No matter what, we still worry since batteries can cause unpredictable accidents. To avoid such cases, GWCASE Battery Organizer Storage Holder can be your true aide. It can effortlessly hold more than 140 batteries and comes with plenty of space and pockets.

GWCASE Battery Organizer Storage
Image source: amazon

There are different sizes of holes in GWCASE pockets. So, you can adjust your batteries to have different size variations. Moreover, the mask pocket inside can hold 20 batteries separately.

Premium material: GWCASE battery holder contains high-quality EVA materials, conforming to be waterproof and shockproof. So be sure your batteries are going to be 100% safe.

Compact and convenient: The foam inside is completely detachable and has well-cut holes. Therefore, different kinds of batteries can easily fit in this bag, ensuring quick and easy use. GWCASE storage box will protect you from accidents caused due to the mutual influences of batteries.

Easy to carry: Having a dimension of 12.7×9.8×3.1 inches, the GWCASE is easy to carry. Furthermore, a strong hand strap gives a better grip on the bad. No matter where you travel, the batteries won’t be a burden.

  • Has a good build quality
  • Super convenient to carry
  • Provides plenty of space and pockets
  • Adjusts with different sizes of batteries
  • Will protect from unpredictable accidents
  • Locking is not secured

7. ALKOO Battery Organizer Holder

Holds 225 batteries
Zero battery collision 
Minimal micro corrosion 
Highly durable with battery level indicator 

ALKOO Battery Organizer Holder comes with a flawless battery holding feature you can’t resist. Here, you will get available sources from the box case with a Tester Checker BT-168. As a result, you can easily know the level of whether your battery is near the end or not.

Don’t worry about the capacity. Even if you have more than 225 batteries, ALKOO holders can catch them like a pie. The external size you will get here, 10.5 × 14 × 3 inches, excluding batteries, which ensures simple usage.

ALKOO Battery Organizer Holder
Image source: amazon.com

Battery checker: There is an organizer storage case in the ALKOO battery holder to view items from inside. Thus, you can diminish your need for labeling. Anyway, what matters most is compatibility. If you have energizer max alkaline batteries, like Panasonic, ACDelco, Duracell, and Rayovac, go for it.

Multipurpose battery box: ALKOO is a great brand of battery organizer, especially for the protection it provides. There is thick and soft padding in the interior without any wiggling. The design of this battery holder contributes to recycling faster and preventing any micro corrosion from batteries.

Rechargeable: What will make you adamant in choosing an ALKOO holder is its storing power separately with the thick sponge. The inside batteries are non-conductive, and they do not collide at all. The best part is, you can recharge them anytime.

  • Batteries do not collide at all
  • Can hold up to 225 batteries
  • Diminishes the need of labeling
  • Helps to determine the battery level
  • Prevent batteries from micro corrosion
  • Quality is compromised somewhere

What is the Best Way to Store Batteries?

All electric appliances have their appropriate batteries or power source. If your appliances vary, batteries’ sizes are going to be different as well. As a result, there will be no way out except for storing them in a controlled way. Considering such important facts, I am going to show you how you can store your batteries in the best possible ways.

Keep your batteries in their original packaging

We all like to unbox our batteries immediately after buying them. But, if you want to save your battery for a long term, then hold your horses. Open your batteries only when you need to use them. So, what advantages can you get from here?

An original packaging can save a product from humidity, and other environmental factors. Sometimes, batteries come in contact and form a short-cut circuit. If you don’t open your packaging, there will be no possibilities of such circuits happening. Moreover, old batteries and new batteries will not mix great together any time soon.

Keep your batteries at room temperature

Storing batteries at room temperature can let you save them for longer. But how exactly? For starters, chemicals inside batteries hardly flows backwards, causing battery damage. If you don’t have any other option, store your batteries in a dry room environment. Anyway, a temperature of 15 degree Celsius can make your batteries completely out of damage.

Using a Battery Storage Organizer

When you lost the original packaging or have a lot of batteries stacked together, a battery storage organizer will do the trick. Turns out, some custom battery storage are both waterproof and fire resistant. You will hardly need anything else after getting it. The best part is, your battery life won’t deteriorate any time soon.

What to Look Before Buying Battery Storage?

So before buying a battery storage organizer, what are the things you should choose? Well, it depends on the number of batteries and the durability. Some are good at storing for a long time, and some are pure rigidity. After all, you do need your batteries to stay protected on the go.

Now, let us know what to look for in a battery storage organizer.

Explosion proof

You won’t find a single battery without exploding negative and positive parts. If by any change they short circuit, the results won’t be pretty. So, keep your battery storage organizer explosion proof. Look at the product description and avoid all nylon or plastic cases. A carbon fiber interior will work best and with minimal flaws.

Fire Proof

Suppose you put your battery bag near a burner. Other than exploding inside, catching on fire is the most important feature. Turns out, most battery storage organizers aren’t fireproof. This is why, avoid all inflammable plastic build bags. To be frank, get a metal plastic combo with a fireproof exterior.

Water resistant

Most often, battery storage cases tend to be water resistant and finally seem to last for a long time. Moreover, your batteries will not fall off and will always remain safe from water and getting drenched. So, better go for a water resistant battery organizer case.


You will never get a clear cut price of battery storage cases due to varieties in quality. Let me show you a demo of prices depending on their models.

If you own a battery case of 3kWh, you may have to spend $3,420. Again, a 8kWh case will cost around $8,480. Being a high quality organizer, 13kWh will cost $13,390.


Usually, we require various types of batteries in our households, like- C, D, 3V, 9V, AA, AAA, LR44, etc. Many battery organizers support almost all types of batteries. But few of them support only AA and AAA batteries. So, make sure you choose a battery case with good adjustability with all batteries.

Battery Indicator

Your battery indicator is going to determine your batteries’ charge. Therefore, a battery case should compulsorily have a good indicator. What I think is dark indicators will be a better option for you. They work really well in restoring a specific gravity.

Battery Organizer FAQ’s

How long can battery storage last?

Ans: The duration of your battery storage wholly depends upon its system. But if we calculate in an average condition, battery storage can last up to 5 to 10 years. Again, 10 years of duration can also be your luck by chance if the quality is good.

Will batteries expire for not being used?

Ans: Sometimes we keep our batteries idle and don’t use them for a long time. As a result, they tend to go bad and lose their charge day by day. But, when it comes to a non-rechargeable battery, the time expiration starts when the battery is 80 percent. Energy deterioration is to blame for it.

Do batteries start fires when stored?

Ans: Yes, some batteries do start fires when stored. For example- AAA alkaline and AA batteries. Though these batteries are of a small voltage, they still make flames in the right conditions. Why heat builds in such times is because of the contraction of a positive and negative battery.

How do battery storage facilities work?

Ans: Battery storage is a kind of power station. You can also call them energy storage power stations. They use a group of batteries where all the energies gather. Moreover, as a fast responding source, nothing can be as great as battery storage. Also, provides power to grids and stabilizes them as well.

Is battery storage important?

Ans: For a reliable and flexible grid system, energy storage is very important as a balancing act. Suppose there is unlimited supply during the night, when the operation of low-cost power plants continues. In that time, you can store the excess electricity in a power storage device.


Whatever you say, your batteries will always remain incomplete without a Battery Storage Organizer Case. In such circumstances, a mediocre product can make your entire purchase go bland.

Are you one of those who want to avoid mistakes in choosing the right one? Then you must give a second thought to Keenstone’s and DocSafe’s battery organizer. Undoubtedly they are merging highly in the market place.

In conclusion I would say, make your acquisition wisely and protect your batteries for a long time. Best of luck.

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