Best Wheel Dolly for Cars in 2022- Reviews & Buying Guide

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If your vehicle stopped all of a sudden and refuse to start, you have to take it to the nearest garage, right? A Car Dolly AKA Wheel Skates is the right solution for this purpose. Once you’ve attached each with onto a dolly, moving the heavy vehicle will be effortless.

Wheel Skates are a useful little tool that will let your vehicle move in mechanical or engine failure. Even with car dollies, you can move your cars in 360 degrees, sideways and backward.

Those little tools are solid and sturdy. The market offers several design and types of car dollies to choose from. With a wide variety of products and misleading advertisement, you can be misguided. Thus I am writing the best car wheel dolly article today. Keep reading until the end to know everything.

Top Rated Wheel Dolly: Our Top Picks in 2022






Pentagon Tools 5060 Tire Skates 4 Tire Wheel Car Dolly



Sunex Tools 1500-Pound Hydraulic Wheel Dolly


1,500 lbs

Merrick Machine MERM998002 Red Auto Dolly


1,500 lbs

ABN Car Dolly 4-Pack, 4 Wheel Dolly Set


6,000 lbs

Goplus 4 Tire Wheel Dolly


1,000 lbs Each

Best Wheel Dolly for Cars: Reviews & Guide

A good quality car dolly is pretty useful. Any vehicle with a significant engine failure or mechanical failure can be moved comfortably with car dollies. A car dolly can take huge load also provides different movement.

Any motor vehicle can be moved with a car dolly. But to get all these benefits, you have to have the best car wheel dolly, which seems complicated due to several options. No worries we’ve solved the mystery already. Just read on:

1. Pentagon Tools 5060 4 Wheel Car Dolly

Compact Design
Easily Handle and Move
Build with Steel Material

Pentagon Tools 5060 is our first attraction today. Though we didn’t maintain any order, still, if something is on top, you’ve to admire the product. Usually, reviewers placed the most excellent product on top of their article.

Anyways, Pentagon Tools 5060 Car wheel Dolly is one of the most popular product in the market for high-quality construction and low price. In a pack, you will get four solid car dollies for four wheels. They don’t require any major installation.

Those dollies include 3-inch ball bearing casters. Furthermore, they can hold 6000 LBS of weight and offers 360-degree movement. You will get color options as well.

The most original feature of the product is the integrated hole at the top of the wheel dolly. With the holes, you can store them easily while not in use.

If you compare the Pentagon Tools 5060 with other existing products in the market, you will notice they are far better than others. As they are powder coated, you will never experience chips or scratches.

To move your car ideally in the garage for repairs, this one has no exception. The price is also reasonable. Give it a try, and I am sure you will love the performance!

  • Study construction
  • 12″ x 16″ solid steel plate
  • 3 inch premium ball bearing
  • Professional/mechanic quality
  • One color

Q: Can i handle 6 ton vehicle?

Ans: Actually, a single person can easily handle 3 ton vehicle so 2 person handle 6 ton vehicle.

Q: How is dolly plate?

Ans: It has durable solid steel plate.

Q: Dolly won’t chip or scratch?

Ans: No. Pentagon tools 5060 build with powder coated so it won’t chip/scratch.

Q: How is weight capacity?

Ans: It has maximum 6000lbs

2. Red Hound Auto 12″ Car Dolly

Strong & Durable
Smooth Operation
Great for Professional Use

Red Hound Auto 2-Red 12” Car Dolly is the second entry on our list. First of all, I need to talk about the extreme strength of the product. The Car Dolly is exceptionally rough with excellent construction. They used top quality material to make this product incredible.

You will get four-wheel dollies under a hundred and fifty dollars. Impressive, isn’t it? The four dollies together can hold a weight of 1500 pounds. Each of them can hold 6000 pounds in total. The weight carrying capacity is more than enough for any car short of an SUV, or a long bed picks up.

The dual radical ball bearing system will make your car moving smoothly and effectively. They are designed in a manner so that you don’t have to give much effort moving the car from one place to another.

A single person can be able to push a car with relative ease. Those dollies are powder coated so you will not notice scratches. They are designed to support you for many years.

There are built-in brakes included. The price is reasonable too. So, why are you waiting? Hurry up; the product is highly popular so that the stock might end soon enough.

  • Convenience handle
  • Dual bearing swivel casters
  • 1,500 lbs each dolly capacity
  • Radial ball bearing wheel axles
  • Super smooth dual ball bearing
  • Heavy duty diamond plate steel
  • High price

Q: How much does a car dolly weight?

Ans: It has 1,500 lbs each dolly capacity.

Q: Is it durable?

Ans: Yes! It is. Red Hound Auto 12″ is made from solid diamond plate steel

Q: Can I use it for trucks or trailers?

Ans: Yes! You can. Red Hound Auto 12″ dollies let you easily move trucks, cars, trailers, tractors, boats, motorcycles, airplanes and more

Q: How is bearing?

Ans: Red Hound Auto 12″ build with super smooth ball bearing so you can easily move or push the vehicle.

3. Dragway Tools (4) 12in. Hydraulic Car Dolly

Easy to Operate
Easy to Maintain
Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

Hydraulic car dollies are expensive. It is because of their construction and efficiency. This Dragway Tools Hydraulic Car Wheel Dolly is costly as well. But the extra bucks for the product is worth.

If you order the unit, you will get four hydraulic wheel dollies. They are designed to move heavy vehicles, including trucks, trailers, and boats around the garage or shop.

The built quality of these dollies is incredible with top quality materials. They can serve you many years without any problem. These dollies can hold 1500 lbs. Each and 22-inch wide tires.

You can use those dollies in two different ways. You can pivot tow dollies for moving a car or let free moving with four dollies. A single person can push a three-ton vehicle with this dolly set.

The product is a bit expensive, as I mentioned earlier. But you already read the features of the product. Now tell me, isn’t it worth the money? Hit the link and ensure your purchase before the stock expires.

  • 1/2-inch steel frame.
  • 4-inch swivel wheels.
  • Red, powder-coated finish.
  • 6 1/2-inch clearance height.
  • 1,500 lbs. capacity per dolly.
  • High price

Q: What material are the casters made of Dragway Tools?
Ans: Rubber.

Q: What is the total weight capacity of the 4 dollies?
Ans: 60000 lbs

Q: How are the wheels?
Ans: It’s built with 4-inch swivel wheels

Q: How is width?
Ans: Maximum width: 22 in. And minimum width: 12 in.

4. GoJak Model G6313L Left Jack Dolly

Extremely Durable
Mechanical Design

All steel construction and high-level construction is the secret of this GoJack Model G6313L Left Car Dolly. They are designed for long lasting service. Also, the product is designed, tested, manufactured in the USA. You all know how good the USA made products are! This one is no exception.

The maximum weight capacity is about 1574 each. Those are suitable for tires up to 13 inches wide — the dolly’s features double ball bearing nylon casters for fast and easy moving. With them, you will surely get increased ground clearance.

With the order, you will also get an additional rack that is suited for these wheel dollies. So, storing your dollies while not in use, will not be a problem.

The GoJak G6313 is highly rated by the professionals, and it is inexpensive. The quality of the product is outstanding. Overall, the product is fantastic. Try it; you will not be disappointed.

  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and efficient
  • Extremely durable
  • High price

Q) How is weight capacity?

Ans: 6300 lbs (1575 lbs per wheel)

Q: What is construction material?

Ans: All steel construction

Q: Where made from?

Ans: Gojak is American made, since 1984

5. Sunex Tools 1500-Pound Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

Hydraulic units
Strong & Durable
Sturdy Ratcheting Design

If you have the Sunex Wheel Dolly in your hand dead engines, locked steering wheels, and small spaces will never be a problem. The most exciting feature of the unit is that you can use it in four different ways.

The Sunex Wheel Dolly can be used in singles, pairs, 3’s or 4’s to move any vehicle according to your need in any direction you wish.

The built quality of those dollies is outstanding with top quality materials. You can use them for many years without any problem. The massive L-shaped foot pedal helps to jack up the wheels and protect from jamming toes on the wheel as well.

You will also get locking casters on outboard wheels. It will secure your vehicle correctly. There is a convenient carrying handle included for easy transportation.  You can carry these dollies anywhere without any problem.

Sunex Tools Car Wheel Dolly offers a maximum of 1500 pounds holding capacity, which I believe more than enough. The price is not prohibitive. Lastly, long aluminum rollers with safety locking casters, large diamond-plate foot pedal, and a sturdy ratcheting mechanism make the unit incomparable with others. So, giving it a try will not be a sin!

  • Aluminum rollers
  • Sturdy ratcheting design
  • Diamond-plate foot pedal
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • High price

Q: Are Sunex tools dolly durable for the track?

Ans: Yes. Sunex tools dolly is built with sturdy construction.

Q: Does it carrying handle?

Ans: Yes. Sunex tools dolly has a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation.

Q: How are pairs?

Ans: It has 3’s, or 4’s pairs to move the car in any direction.

6. Merrick Machine MERM998002 Red Auto Dolly

Heavy Duty
Best for the Garage
Built with Strong Metal Material

The Merrick Machine Car Dollies are similar to our Top pick Pentagon Car Dollies in many ways. This too, can handle 6000 Lbs of weight by using four dollies. The construction quality is outstanding with high-quality materials. Those dollies can move the majority of vehicle types.

If you order the Merrick Machine, you will get a set of four product under one hundred and fifty dollars. The unit is inexpensive compared to most of the best car dollies.

Those dollies are powder coated and not painted. Over time, you will not notice any damage to the paint. Also, they are not going to scratch either. The design is user-friendly and straightforward.

All the features included in the unit is smart and witty. But storing them is not that easy like the others. Apart from this drawback, the Merrick Machine Car Dolly is one of the best in the market.

  • 6,000 lbs capacity
  • Powder coated design
  • Durable for high weight
  • Solid and heavy duty dolly
  • High price

Q: How is weight capacity?

A: This dolly easily moves or push 6,000 lbs. capacity vehicle.

Q: Is it move heavy vehicles?

A: Yes. It’s a perfect dolly for pushing heavy vehicle such as car, truck, RV and more.

Q: What are the wheels made of?

A: The dolly wheel made from steel.

Q: Is it work on dirt?

A: No. Merrick machine works fine on concrete

7. Capri Tools 21085-2PK 21085 Hydraulic Tire Dolly

Compact Design
Security Lock Pin
Easy Step Foot Pedal

Are you looking for an fantastic hydraulic car dolly? The Capri Tools Hydraulic Tire Dolly is an excellent choice. Those dollies will let you attach your vehicle with ease by using foot operated pedal. Each of the wheel dollies will hold a maximum of 1500 lbs. of weight.

The Capri Tools 21085-2PK 21085 Tire Dolly features 4-inch heavy duty swivel casters. Those are suitable for tires up to 12-inches wide. You can pick either two-piece option or four piece option according to your need.

Furthermore, the using system is simple. Those can hold different wheel types by using a screw to adjust the width. There is safety pin included on those dollies. Once you lifted the wheel in the air after pumping it up, the pin will reduce the risk of unwanted dropping.

For all the above features, the price is fair enough. According to experts, The Capri Tools 21085-2PK 21085 is one of best hydraulic car dollies of the present time. Pick the product and enjoy moving your car with ease.

  • Security lock pin
  • Easy step foot pedal
  • 3000 lbs weight capacity
  • Heavy duty 4-inch swivel casters
  • Dollies easily roll in all directions
  • High price

Q: How is weight capacity?

A: It has 3000 lbs weight capacity (1500lbs per wheel)

Q: Is it has hydraulic screw?

A: Yes. Capri Tools 21085 contains hydraulic screw.

Q: How is swivel caster?

A: 4” swivel caster

Q: How fits for tire up?

A: 12” tire max wide and fits tire up to 12” wide

8. OTC Tools 1572 Tire Dolly

Heavy Duty 
Very Easy to Move
Compact and Versatile

OTC is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of vehicle electronic diagnostic equipment, servicing tools, and other tools for fuel maintenance.

They are doing business in more than 150 countries across the globe. Since the beginning, they are making and selling top quality products. They aim to satisfy their customers with excellent product and service.

OTC Tools 1572 is one of the epitome of their premium quality. The construction quality of the Car Dolly by OTC is outstanding with premium quality materials. It will surely work for many years without providing any hassle.

Each of the dollies has an independently adjustable threaded lift saddle included along with rubber pads to protect the vehicle frame. The design is universal. Therefore, you can use them on all vehicle type.

OTC also declared that you would get smooth movement. Each unit offers a massive capacity of 1800 lbs, which is more than enough. The design is user-friendly. Moving the vehicle with the help of this car wheel dolly will be more comfortable than ever.

The price of the product is not unacceptable. For lots of useful features, the price is fair enough. Give it a try, and you will never be disappointed. Hurry up. The stock is limited!

  • 5” swivel caster
  • 1800 Lbs capacity
  • Durable and heavy duty
  • Perfect for heavy vehicle
  • High price

Q: What is the diameter of the casters?

A: The casters are 5″

Q: How is weight capacity?

A: 1800 lbs of weight capacity.

Q: What cradle rollers material is made of?

Ans: Plastic

9. ABN 4 Wheel Dolly Set

Easy to Moving
Ensure Safe Loading
Versatile and Compact Design

The Four Wheel Dolly Set from ABN is another excellent option you can look. In total, those dollies can hold 6000 lbs of weight, which is more than enough for moving any car.

With the help of a jack, you can raise and move a vehicle for maintenance, storage, and more. But the jack is not included with the unit. You’ve to purchase separately.

Each of the dollies can hold 1500 pounds of weight. Thanks to the incredible construction with solid diamond plate steel material. Admittedly, it will last many years for your service.

Those dollies are 4 inches tall, 16 inches long and 14 inches wide. They are considered as the largest on the market at present. The assembly system is easy and quick.

You’ve to install the 3-inch ball bearing with the wheels on the base, that’s all to start moving. Also, there is a safe lock included in each wheel for safe loading and storage.

This one will not disappoint you, promise! The price is acceptable for such quality. Many people are using the product currently, and they are all highly satisfied. You will be satisfied too. Pick it before the stock expires!

  • Safe lock
  • 6,000 lbs weight capacity
  • (7.6cm) ball bearing wheels
  • 3-inch pivot/swivel castors
  • Solid diamond plate steel construction

    Q: How is weight capacity?

    A: 6000 lbs weight capacity (1500 per dolly)

    Q: Is wheel safe for moving the vehicle?

    A: Yes. All wheels have a lock and unlock feature for safe loading

    Q: What rollers plate material is made of?

    A: Steel

    Q: What are dolly measurement?

    A: (10.2cm x 40.6cm x 30.5cm)

    10. Goplus 4 Tire Wheel Dolly

    "U" Shape Design
    Safety Rails and handle
    Strong Metal Construction

    Let us finish up with something a little out of the ordinary here while compared with other products we’ve reviewed earlier. The Dolly from Goplus is suitable for workshop and garage use.

    The built quality of Goplus 4 tire Wheel is super strong with premium quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. I am sure; those dollies will serve you so many years like it is serving its current users.

    The Goplus 4 Tire Wheel Dolly is not designed for the heavy vehicle. It can handle light cars and vans. Four heavy duty all metal swivel caster wheels are included for easy maneuverability of the cars.

    They are easy to assemble and offers a maximum load capacity up to 1000 lbs each. No, it is not going to put a big dent in your bank account. If you are looking for a decent holding capacity, well designed and very useful wheel dolly Goplus is the ideal option for you.

    • Greater stability
    • Safety Rails and handle
    • 1,000 lbs capacity (each dolly)
    • Easy for one person operation
    • Heavy duty metal construction

      Q: How are weight capacity?

      A: Up to 1,000 lbs each wheel

      Q: Is safe for moving the vehicle?

      A: Yes. It’s built with safety rails so it easily keeps the tire in place when moving.

      Q: Can use it a single person?

      A: Yes, but one person can easily move a 3-ton vehicle.

      Q: What rollers plate material is made of?

      A: Heavy duty steel

      If you ask me which product from the above best car dolly reviews got the highest mark, I will not be able to answer. All of those are capable of providing excellent performance.

      Thus, selecting one as the top candidate is hard. Besides, the best depends on the need of the consumer. So, you tell me which one seems best to you. Meanwhile, let me share some essential buying tips.

      What to Look Before Buying Best Car Dolly

      As we already reviewed some of the best car dollies above, you might think that you are ready to hit the link. Wait for a second and read this section seriously. Otherwise, you will not be able to purchase a better product according to your need and budget.

      In this section, I will try to tell you the secret of selecting the right Car Dolly for your car type. Let’s start:

      Dollies vs. Jack Stands

      Many people think that the purpose of both dollies and jack stands are similar, or I can say they fulfill the same function. But they are not, I can assure you that. Both of them designed to hold the car up in the air, but for individual purposes.

      Stands are designed to raise the car work underneath. They are more strong and stable compared to the car dolly. But they are not able to move the car as a dolly do.

      Dollies are designed to raise the vehicle and move it to another place. Both jack stands and dollies are required if you have a vehicle.

      Standard Wheel Dolly vs. Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

      Standard wheels don’t have any specific name. It is a solid piece of metal with some wheels underneath, without any name instead of car dolly. Thus, we are mentioning it as standard or common wheel dolly.

      A standard car wheel dolly may have some extra accessories like bells, whistles, brakes and castor wheels but the basic design will always remain the same.

      Hydraulic style is another type of car dolly. They are leading the market currently for their huge capacity. But the design is more complicated. Hydraulic Car Dolly is associated with a solid plate for a pair of rollers.

      Those types are foot operated. You can lift the car without any external tools. Thus, they are far more effective for everyday use. But they cost much to compare to regular wheel dolly type.

      Primary Consideration before Purchasing a Car Dolly

      Capacity: The first thing you need to consider is the weight capacity of the car dolly you are going to purchase. You should know the weight of your vehicle and buy a dolly with that much capacity.

      It is not good to exceed your dolly’s weight capacity. It can damage your expensive car.  The more the capacity, the wider the range of vehicle it can hold. If you have a more massive vehicle, purchase according to that.

      Brakes: Brakes are not available in all dollies. It is recommended to purchase dollies with brakes. It is an extra level of security. You can lose control while moving a car that can cause damage to your vehicle as well as injure you.

      Construction: The product you are going to purchase must be well-constructed. Otherwise, it will not be able to hold your car for many years.

      Additional Considerations

      • You should know your purpose first. If you are a professional mechanic, you might have to use the Car Dolly for different types of cars per week. Hence, it will be useful for you to purchase a hydraulic set. It will save you time and effort. For home use, you can go for a regular model.
      • How you will use your vehicle is one of the most important factors to consider before shopping. You may pick and move a car with two dollies so that you can select two dollies set. But a set with four dollies will allow you more freedom.

      Price and Warranty: Price and Warranty is another essential factor you should consider. The cost of best products as you can see above is not beyond the reach. But for better quality, you’ve to spend a bit more.

      It is recommended to pick a branded product with a warranty. Even if you need to spend a bit more money for that, don’t hesitate. You will thank me later!

      Store & Move Your Car Easily With Hydraulic Wheel Dollies

      Final Touch

      Now that you already have a decent idea about car dollies, you’ve got a question, right? Are you wondering, how do I know? Well, experience fellows! Your question how do I get my car onto those dollies?

      If you purchase a hydraulic style, you don’t have to suffer to get the car raised. Hydraulic Style Car Dollies are made such a way so that you can take the car easily onto the dolly. But those are expensive hence many prefer solid plate style.

      For them, a right Car Jack is an effective solution to rising the car onto dollies. So, this is the end my friends with the best car dolly article. All the above products are amazing as you’ve seen on the reviews already.

      Pick one and resolve your pain in the ass! See you soon. With lots of product review tips and tricks. Till then:


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