Best Heavy Duty Engine Stand in 2023 – Reviews & Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking to buy a heavy-duty engine stand, you can choose from the Torin brand, with T26801 and T23401 being two of the most popular options on the market.

If you use a car, today or tomorrow you will face engine issues. If you are good with engines, you can repair it all by yourself. For that, you must have all the essential car servicing tools in your toolbox.

An engine stand is one of the most essential tools for engine repairing and maintenance task. But we often overlook its worth. With the best engine stand, your repairing task will be efficient and effortless.

Today, we will review some of the most excellent engine stands of the present time. On the review section, I will try to be brief and precise so that you can understand which product fulfills your requirement. Let’s begin the real journey.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites Heavy Duty Engine Stand in 2023






Performance Tool W41025 Engine Stand 


½ Ton

Torin Big Red Steel Rotating Engine Stand


3/4 Ton

Torin Big Red Steel Rotating Engine Stand


750 lb 

JEGS 80040 Red Engine Stand


1000 lb

Best Choice Products SKY359 Engine Stand


1000 lb

Top 8 Best Engine Stand to Buy in 2023

Picking the right engine stand is not an easy task as it assumes. It is because the market is full of options.

Lots of options create lots of confusion. Besides, you will encounter lots of misleading information and false TV commercial. Thus, it is a very tough job to get the right engine stand.

So, I decided to make the process easier for you. I, along with my team, researched the market and collected several engine stands.

We tested in our garage. Also, we talked with some professionals to know the strength and weakness of each product. Finally, we made the list engine stand and here is the review for you:

1. Sunex 8300GB Engine Rotating Stand: 1/2 Ton Capacity

Easily rotates engine
Safety self-locking feature 
Space-saving foldable design
Manufacturer‎Sunex International
Item model number‎8300GB
Size‎1/2 Ton
Style‎1/2-Ton Foldable Engine Stand

The Sunex 8300GB Foldable Engine Stand gets the first position on our article. Wondering why? Well, based on its construction and performance, no other engine test stand comes closer to it. Thus it received massive attention from the buyers all over the globe.

Yes, the product is highly priced, but the essential features of the product justify its high cost. On the product, you will get some standard features and some unique features.

The Engine run stand comes with four locking swivel caster wheels, a worm drive gearbox, adjustable fingers, and foldable design. The built quality of the product is fantastic. With a heavy-duty steel construction and a tough red-coated finish, this engine stand is going to last many years.

sunex 8300gb engine rotating stand feature

The design is space saving as well. Thus, lots of current users deeply love this product. You can store it in a small area. Folding the product is more straightforward as well. Unscrew the appropriate parts that take only a minute or two.

The Sunex 8300GB also features adjustable arms that are associated with a solid faceplate. It can handle a wide range of engine within the weight capacity. Turing the engine on the needed position is a fantastic task with a gearbox that features 63 to 1 gear.

The Engine Stand by Sunex is designed for maximum working comfort and safety. There is a self-locking feature included. The price of the product is, as I mentioned a bit high. But this is an investment for many years. So, think about it.

2. Performance Tool W41025 Engine Stand: 1/2 Ton (1,000 lbs) Capacity

Heavy duty 
Adjustable cam buckle
6 Positions locks feature
Vehicle Service TypeAll-Terrain Vehicles
Load Capacity0.5 ton
BrandPerformance Tool

Well, the Sunex 8300GB engine stand is a highly powerful product. The performance of that one is out of this world. We cannot compare this one with that one. Still, the Performance Tools W41025 has something special that can overpower the first boy!

In terms of versatility, the Performance Tool W41025 will always get the highest mark. I am not kidding, the engine text stand can lock in six different positions, and it rotates 360 degrees. You can access your engine from six different areas so tell me, is it versatile or not?

The excellent design with sturdy swivel casters is the secret of its maneuverability. Due to heavy-duty head assembly, the engine stand holds most engine blocks and other foreign objects firmly. The caster wheel can run smoothly even when carrying a heavy load.

performance tool w41025 engine stand

This heavy duty engine stand will let you work with different types of vehicles. The manufacturer made it in a way so that it can match with most of the local and foreign engines.

The built quality of the product is excellent as well. The steel construction is reliable to hold all engine blocks weighing about ½-ton. The Stand is not foldable, which is the only downside. For storage, you have to have decent space.

If you need a heavy duty engine stand slightly more powerful than the 1000 lbs, you can have this one in the first place. Overall, the price is also reasonable. Give it a try; I am sure you will love to have it for your engine repair and maintenance project.

3. Torin Big Red Steel Rotating Engine Stand: 3/4 Ton (1,500 lb) Capacity

360-Degree rotation
1,500 lb load capacity
Provides maximum stability
MaterialAlloy Steel
Load Capacity1500 Pounds

If you are looking for a 1500 lb engine stand, our recommendation is the Torin Big Red Steel Rotating Engine Stand. The product can handle ¾ ton engine capacity. If you don’t need to control the heaviest engine most of the time, the Stand is right for you.

The product is made of high-quality materials. It is built to serve you many years and also it will remain stable under heavy load. The product doesn’t tip while on load, thanks to its standard size and weight. It is associated with front swivel casters. Thus it is flexible and safe to use.

The adjustable arms and rotating mounting head makes the engine stand functional. The feature with smooth operating castors makes it way more usable than many other products in the market.

Torin Big Red Steel Rotating Engine Stand

The main frame is strong enough to stay stable under the heaviest load. The design of the engine stand is foldable. Storing the Stand while not in use will not be a problem. Also, you can carry it anywhere without any problem.

The overall weight of the engine stand is 76.7 pounds. You might need another pair of hand to load it on a truck for moving. The cost is slightly high, but for all the mentioned features, the price seemed absolute to us.

Torin Big Red Steel Rotating Engine Stand without any doubt one of the best engines stands for its durability and ability to hold objects. You should try it for outstanding performance.

4. Goplus Engine Stand Motor Hoist: 2000-lb Capacity

1250-lb load capacity
4 Wheels for easy moving
Anti-rust and anti-corrosion
Weight Capacity2000 lbs
Size of the hanger9.5 x 5.5x 5.5 inch
Diameter of front casters3.5 inches

The market is full of different types of engine building stand. Unfortunately, most of those are not cheaply constructed and unable to support heavy loads. Our Goplus Engine Stand is various in both cases. You are not going to get anything better than this one, especially in this price range.

The Goplus Engine Stand is constructed with the highest grade of materials. It is coated with a red and black finish on the surface. So, the product is anti-rust and anti-corrosion. It will surely last for many years.

It is a 2000 lb engine stand. I mean the highest Capacity of the engine stand is about 2000 pounds. While handling the heaviest engine, the product will remain stable, thanks to its reinforced steel neck.

Goplus Engine Stand Motor Hoist  2000-lb Capacity

The engine stands consists of six heavy duty casters. They make it flexible and stable. Also, it comes with a 360-degree rotatable plate with four adjustable arms. The mounting task will be more accessible than ever.

Goplus Engine Stand comes in a foldable design. That means it will save your time, space, and effort. If you need to store it, a smaller space is more than enough. Carrying it from one place to another will never be a problem, thanks to the foldable design.

The product is easy to clean and comes with a straightforward design. You can assemble it with a few steps. The manufacturer provides excellent instructions along with the product.

As you can see, the engine stand is loaded with all the necessary features. The price is okay for a product of such quality. Don’t miss it! Hurry up the stock is limited!

5. BIG RED T23401 Torin Engine Stand: 3/8 Ton (750 lb) Capacity

Securely holds
750 lb load capacity
provides maximum stability
MaterialAlloy Steel
Capacity3/8 Ton (750 lb)

If you need to handle small motors now and then, the perfect choice should be the Torin Big Red Steel Rotating Engine Stand. It is designed to deal with smaller size motors.

The product is constructed with top grade materials. Thus, it is going to last and serve you a couple of years without any problem. The Stand comes with a maximum holding capacity of about 750 pounds. Compared to the other above products, the Capacity is tiny.

BIG RED T23401 Torin Engine Stand 38 Ton (750 lb) Capacity

The Torin Big Red Steel Rotating Engine Stand comes with four adjustable arms. You can rotate the Stand at 360° to make the work efficient. Reaching the tight spaces will never be a problem.

If you badly need an engine stand but don’t have enough money to purchase a better product, don’t panic. It will serve you better than most of the higher priced product.

Based on construction, performance, and price, the Torin 750 engine stand is excellent. The only problem is its low Capacity. For the price, you have nothing but to accept that.

6. JEGS 80040 Red Engine Stand: 1000 LBS Capacity

1000 lb load Capacity
Lock security feature
360-degree adjustable head
Item Weight1000 lb load Capacity
Product Dimensions‎33.5 x 11.5 x 8 inches
Feature360-Degree Adjustable

JEGS is one of the most reliable car part and equipment providers who creates and sells excellent products for over 55 years. They manufacture and distributing everything related to a vehicle.

For quality car parts and equipment, you can rely on JEGS without any doubt. Currently, they are making and selling engine stands. The JEGS 80040 Red Engine Stand is the epitome of their class.

The JEGS 80040 engine stand is made of high tensile steel material that is molded in a square tube shape. So, the Stand will give you stability — the holding Capacity of the product weight up to a ½ ton of 1000 pounds.

JEGS 80040 Red Engine Stand 1000 LBS Capacity

Once placed the engine on the Stand, you can rotate it in 360-degree. That means you don’t have to struggle anymore to work in tight spaces. The heavy-duty gauge square steel frame is the secret behind its durability.

The assembly and disassembling system is easier than ever. The swivel caster wheels feature ball-bearing for smooth movement.  Overall, the price is pretty reasonable. Give it a try; I am sure you will be fascinated.

7. Sunex 8400 Folding Engine Stand: 1-Ton Capacity

Folding design
1-Ton load capacity
Ensures engine is held securely
Brand‎Sunex International
Capacity‎‎1 Ton
Product Dimensions‎36 x 18 x 6.3 inches

Wanna know the best thing about the Sunex 8400 1-Ton Folding Engine Stand? Well, it will not flex under the weight of any motor weights up to one ton! Thanks to the sturdy frame! The product is constructed to last with top quality materials.

The product comes with casters with ball bearings. So, it will smoothly move around. Also, there is a safety lock included on the casters. The safety lock will keep the Stand when you don’t want it to move.

The Sunex 8400 Engine Stand comes with a rotating head, and it locks in eight different positions. That means, once the engine is placed on the Stand, you can move it according to your need and work on the tight spaces efficiently.

Sunex 8400 Folding Engine Stand 1-Ton Capacity

The mounting plate is thick and reinforced. So, the engine will be secure on the Stand. You can raise the engine high enough according to your your search for adjustable height engine stand ends with this fantastic product.

The Stand folds effectively to store and carry around. The Stand is perfect in every possible way. Still, the price of the product is not prohibitive. You can surely try it in our maintenance and repairing task. Hurry up; the stock is limited!

8. Best Choice Products SKY359 Engine Stand: 1000 lb Capacity

Compact design
Sturdy construction
1000 lb load capacity

Lastly, let me present the product of your utopia! Yeah, the Best Choice Products SKY359 is the representative of perfection. It is made with top quality materials. Thus the product will last many years. The Stand can hold up to the ½-ton engine.

It is designed such a way so that you can carry it with ease. It is made to be easy on the pocketbook. It is not recommended to push the weight limits to the max. The product is a little flimsy as it is made for easy carrying.

Best Choice Products SKY359 Engine Stand 1000 lb Capacity

Once placed the motor on the Stand, you can rotate it according to your need. This feature is handy. Many people complained that they don’t work in tight spaces. But the head rotation feature is there to solve the mystery.

As it is designed to carry easily and it is smaller, so the construction is not good enough compared to other products. But it is not that disappointing as well. Surely with proper care, the Stand can serve you a couple of years. The price is also reasonable. Give it a try I am sure you will not be disappointed.

That’s all for the best engine stand reviews. Wait a moment; the game is not finished yet. Though I already reviewed some of the best products don’t mean you will purchase one without the second thought. There are a few things you should always remember. I will explain it in the next section.

Buying Guide: What to Look for when Buying Engine Stand

As I already mentioned, picking the best engine stand is not an easy task. Lots of options can lead you to the wrong path. Thus we previously reviewed some of the finest engine stands of the present time. But that’s not enough! You cannot just read the reviews and pick one.

You’ve to know certain factors. Otherwise, no matter how good the product is, it might not serve you the way you wanted. Remember, ‘best’ depends on the preference of the user. To decide which one will help you better, follow this section properly.


All Engine stand has its limitations when it comes to holding weight. Therefore, it is essential to know how much weight holding capacity you require. It depends on your vehicle type.

If you have a small vehicle, 1000 lbs capacity is fair enough. 1000 lbs engine stands are suitable for primary works.

If you need to work on different types of vehicle ranging from smaller to a large-sized car, you can try a 1500lbs, 2000lbs, or 3000lbs engine stand. But the main advice for you is to know the limit of the Stand and never cross it. Otherwise, injury can happen.


The Engine Stand must be stable even under heavy weight. It is important. Otherwise, you cannot work correctly. If the Stand moves a lot, it can cause unwanted injury.

On the other hand, you can make a mistake. As you all know, mistakes in engine work are not acceptable. So the Stand must be stable and stay in the right place. You should focus on this particular feature very carefully.


Engine stands are crucial equipment for a car maintenance project. It makes your work easier by eliminating your effort. But the problem is most of them are not easily moveable due to their heavyweight and pathetic caster wheels.

Thus, the dream of a car owner is to purchase an engine stand that is easily moveable from one place to another. While shopping for an engine stand, you should look for this feature too.

You’ve to carry the engine stand from one place to another. So, it must be more comfortable to move on!


There are many types of engine stands available in the market. But not all of them are suitable and efficient. If you want to maximize your usability, you should purchase highly functional one.

The standing head must be rotatable easily while the engine is on. If it can’t move properly while the engine is on, you should consider something else.

All the mentioned products in the review section are highly functional. The head of those stands can rotate with ease even when a heavy engine is on. You can purchase your product from there.


Price is important to factor for everyone. All of us has our budget limit. Usually, we don’t want to cross that. Good news is that the price of the engine stand is not very high.

Still, if you want to purchase the best engine stand, you might have to spend a bit more. Remember, you will get what you pay for. And it is recommended to purchase the best one even if it costs a few bucks more. In the end, quality matters!

Important FAQ of Engine Stand

What weight capacity does an engine stand have?

The weight capacity of the engine stands varies from brand to brand. Mostly the Capacity of an engine stand ranges from 1000 lbs to 3000lbs and more. Depending on your purpose, you’ve to select the Capacity.

Can engine stands hold motorcycle engines?

Some of the engine stands can hold motorcycle engines. If you want to work with a motorcycle engine as well as a car engine, it is recommended to pick one with adjustable arms.

Do I need a hoist for using an engine stand?

Yes! Without a hoist, mount the Stand with the engine can be a disaster. Engines are heavy, so additional support is mus. The proper hoist can be the best support you can get.

What is the size of the suitable bolts for an engine stand?

Bolts that are 3/8-16 inches in diameter are ideal for an engine stand.

What are the types of engine stands available?

Fixed Engine Stands: Designed for straightforward tasks and offer stability. Rotating Engine Stands: Allow you to rotate the engine, aiding in detailed work. Folding Engine Stands: Space-saving option, ideal for those with limited storage. Heavy-Duty Engine Stands: Built to support larger engines with higher weights.

Are engine stands universal, or do I need specific ones for different engines?

While some engine stands are designed to be universal, others may be tailored to certain engine types or sizes. It’s essential to check the compatibility of the stand with your specific engine before purchasing.

Where can I buy a reliable engine stand?

You can find engine stands at auto parts stores, online retailers, and specialized tool shops. Look for reputable brands known for their quality and durability.

Wrap Up

Well as a professional a got the chance to use several engine stands. One thing is clear that each engine stand has its limitations. If you accept the limitation, working with an engine stand will never be a problem.

It is suggested that you should not try to push the weight limit of your engine stand. It can damage your product. Before using an engine stand, you should also learn how to use it properly. You will get lots of video tutorial online.

It’s my time to say Goodbye. I hope the above reviews and buying guide will help you out on your quest for the best engine stand. All the above products I mentioned above are amazing based on their performance and construction. You can pick one from there too. But if you don’t like any of them, you can try something else.

If you have anything else to know, feel free to comment. We will get back to you with the best possible answer. For more update, stay connected with our blog.

Thank You!

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