Top 5 Most Popular Generator Brands in USA

More than hundreds of generator brands available out there. It’s a bit tough to find out the best. We have done in-depth research to find out a list of good generator brand. We have considered our experience, customer reviews and must-have features of these generator brands on the research time.

However, considering all of these options, we found out top 5 most popular generator brands in USA. And, today we are here to share the result with you. Hope this article will be of much help for you to meet some leading generator brands! So, keep reading till the end!


Honda is one of the most leading brands in the generator industry. You may know that the brand founded in 1946 at Hamamatsu, Japan. At the first stage, Honda was a big motorcycle manufacturer. But, they didn’t stop. After capturing the motorcycle market, they have started manufacturing several power tools.

Now, Honda is not only well-known for automobiles but also for manufacturing aircraft and generators. What about their generators? Well, on our personal use and research, we got a huge positive feedback of this manufacturer. Almost all of its generators are highly rated by its running users.

Honda has a vast experience on manufacturing engines and this experience has made their products best in the industry. There are various types of Honda generator available on the market. Whether you have a low or high budget, you will certainly get a quality generator matching with it from Honda.


DuroMax is also a leading and popular brand for manufacturing high-quality generators. It’s a California-based engine company which running their business over 30 years. There is something hidden in its name. Yes, DuroMax is synonymous with quality, durability and most importantly, dependability.

DuroMax has vast experience in manufacturing several types of power tools. They manufacture the engine of their generators themselves. So, you can keep faith in all of their models. The manufacturer built each product with high-quality materials and design.

Already, DuroMax has launched 20 different models in the market with single, triple and quadruple cylinder engines. You will be happy to know that all of their generators are passed ETL and MTL standards. All of their generators are built with cast iron sleeves to ensure a super durability.


Yamaha is another Japanese brand. You may know that Torakusu Yamaha founded this Yamaha brand in 1887. From the beginning till now, Yamaha is considered as a highly reputed brand worldwide.

The manufacturer is popular in various sectors such as the electronics industry, power sports equipment, musical instruments etc. And, surely they have gained the popularity by their quality product.

Not the end at all! Yamaha has a motor line which manufactures various models of motorcycle. And, every single motorcycle is popular in almost all countries.

How about the generator? Well, Yamaha has various types of generator available in the market. They produce generators from 1000 to 12000 watts. So, you can purchase depending on your needs.

What about the price? Most of them are in low and medium price. You can purchase a generator whether you have a tight or a high budget. Yamaha has made it easy for you.


Westinghouse is a prominent brand in the power tool industry. George Westinghouse founded this brand in 1886 in Pittsburgh. Its headquarter is now in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. From the beginning till now, Westinghouse is considered as one of the best manufacturers in consumer electronics and appliances.

What’s more? Well, besides consumer electronics and appliances, this brand has a wide range of smart home appliances. These appliances are serving users with clean and safe power. However, when it comes about generators, you will get various models from this brand.

Westinghouse generators are popular among DIYer, camper, and even homeowners. This brand offers different models for different purposes. You will certainly be satisfied with the service of their generators. Already, this manufacturer has gained a huge amount of positive feedback and eye-catching reviews.

Moreover, maximum of the Westinghouse portable generators is top rated and best-selling among others. What about cost? Don’t worry! Westinghouse is also a brand which has generators from low to high price. You will surely get the best portable generator from this brand on your budget.


Finally, the fifth and last generator brand is CAT. Though the brand is known as CAT, it’s the trademark brand of Caterpillar. The company was founded in 1925. From 1949, people become more familiar with the CAT instead of Caterpillar. You may don’t know, actually CAT is the company’s trademark, not the name!

This brand is worldwide popular for manufacturing large trucks and heavy equipment. They manufacture loaders, dozers motor graders, engines, forklifts, and finally power generators. Moreover, Caterpillar has apparel and accessories business including clothes, accessories, and even footwear.

What about generators? The company is manufacturing durable and efficient generators for a long since and running their business with prime. CAT has various types of generators available in the market. They produce both large and portable generators. The review of the CAT generators is outstanding. Most of its user considered it as an incredible power source.

Final Verdict

These are the most popular generator brands in USA. But, there are some other brands available in the market which are also well-known as well as popular. For example, we can mention the name of Champion, Coleman, DuroStar, Ingersoll Rand, Earthquake, Atlas Copco, Ford, Generac, Hyundai which are also in high-rank position.

However, from our personal experience and market research, we got our mentioned 5 generators as the most popular. If you get something new, we appreciate you share with us. We always love to hear from you! In the end, we hope the article was helpful for you!

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