Best Portable Car Lift for the Money 2022: Reviews & Guide

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If you own a small garage, you cannot stock many vehicles. Most of the small garages can accommodate one or two cars at a time. However, sometimes the garage owner needs a little extra space to fit another vehicle. In that case, what is the solution? Obviously, a car lift is.

However, they are big and expensive, I cannot afford one, and they will not fit in my garage. Well, not all car lifts are expensive and big. The manufacturer knows there are many small garages out there that need inexpensive and lower solutions. Thus, they come up with portable car lifts.

A portable car lift is an effective solution for smaller garage owners and DIY people who fix many problems by their own hands. You can keep it on your garage, or you can even store it on the trunk of your car. It is a timesaving tool that can save your ass in critical situations.

The market is full of different portable car lifts from different brands to choose from as like 2 post car lift and 4 post car lift. If you ponder to get the best portable car lift for the money, you might not get one without proper knowledge. There is a good chance that you end up with a flawed car lift. To settle this issue, read this article until the end.

Top Rated Portable Car Lift in 2022 – Comparison






BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Lift



BL-5000SLX by QuickJack 12-Volt DC Portable Car Lift


5,000 lbs

Dannmar Portable Mid-Rise Car Lift


6,000 lbs

BL-3500SLX by QuickJack Portable Car Lift


3,500 lbs

Ranger BL-7000SLX QuickJack Portable Car Lift


7,000 lbs

Best Portable Car Lift Best Portable Car Lift for the Money: Review with Guide

Finding the best portable car lift is not an easy task is it seems. If you do not have decent knowledge about car accessories, you will fail to get the right car lift for the price.

You can go for acquiring knowledge, but it is time-consuming. Because everyone is busy nowadays, I thought why not share my experience with you!

This way, you can get the best Portable Car Lift in no time and without any hassle. Therefore, I, with my team, have visited several car shops, talked with many garage owners and manufacturers to make a list of portable car lifts.

Finally, we got six products that are fantastic in every way. Let’s dig into the reviews quickly:

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1. BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Lift

110V AC Motor
2 1/2-Ton Capacity
Strong & Durable

Many experts have said that BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX is an excellent portable car lift at present. It is small and low profile so that you can carry around easily.

Yet the construction is incredible with top quality materials. The lift can handle heavy-duty vehicles without any problem. Also, it will last many years if you maintain it carefully.

The maximum holding capacity of the BL-5000SLX is about 5000 lbs. It can go beyond this capacity. Moreover, the functions of the car lift are straightforward. You can handle it with no hassle. It works with a 110V power outlet. Just plugin and get started, as simple as that.

They have three motors of 12 V, 220V and 240V. You can choose models depending on the voltage of the area you are living in right now.

The body is made of reinforced steel, and the upper frame is also constructed with steel. The jack points of the lift are slip-proof. On the lift, you can hold almost any type of vehicle.

The price of the lift is reasonable too. If you are looking for a heavy-duty yet lightweight car lift that can be carried anywhere, the BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX is the right product you need to pick.

  • Automatic safety locks
  • Welded-steel box frame
  • Comfortable of your home
  • Convenient and lightning fast
  • Could be improve weight capacity

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2. BL-5000SLX by QuickJack 12-Volt DC Portable Car Lift

5,000 Lifting Capacity
Automatic Safety Lock

Selecting a portable car lift is a challenging task because you have to consider two things. The Car lift must be lightweight so that you can transport it easily. Again, it must be strong enough to hold a heavy vehicle.

Matching these two things together is a complicated task. But if you pick the BL-5000SLX by QuickJack, you will get what you need. This car lift is lightweight yet able to carry a maximum of 5000 pounds.

The size of the car lift is smaller. You can easily keep it on the back of your vehicle and use it on your way. Also, if you own a small garage with limited space, this car lift is an excellent choice for you. It doesn’t need much space.

There is a dual-position automatic safety bar included that automatically works when the lift rises. Using the car lift is simple as well.

Just keep the jack frames under the vehicle, push the raise button and the car will raise approximately two minutes within a minute or two. The lift is useful to change the tire, chassis tuning, and much other maintenance work. The price is reasonable too.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Amazing lifting capacity
  • Lightweight jack frames
  • Fast and easy maintenance
  • Not folding

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3. Dannmar Portable Mid-Rise Car Lift

Safety Lock
Adjustable Arm
 6000-Lb. Lift Capacity

The Dannmar Portable Mid-Rise Car Lift is another fantastic option you can check out. With this one on your hand, you can maintain your car efficiently and effectively. The built quality of the car lift is excellent with top quality materials.

Therefore, it will serve you many years without any hassle. The machine can carry the right amount of weight, thanks to excellent construction.

This lift features a portable cart that works as a tow handle so that you can move it quickly. It is a multipurpose tool with multi-position safety lock and adjustable arm assemblies.

The maximum capacity of the machine is about 6000lb that is fair enough. You will get a lift weight of 36 inches. Nevertheless, the machine uses 120V power; that is the main issue.

If you need a cost-effective, versatile, and robust machine at a reasonable price, you should consider the Dannmar Portable Mid-Rise Car Lift. The cost is not prohibitive.

  • Strong and versatile
  • Space-saving design
  • Grate weight capacity
  • Best for light-duty trucks and cars
  • High price

4. BL-3500SLX Portable Car Lift

Compact Design
3,500 Lifting Capacity
Automatic Safety Lock

Portable car lifts do not give much lifting capacity. That is obvious; they are portable, after all. Nevertheless, good weight capacity is needed, as you have to lift a vehicle.

With decent 3500 lbs. of lifting capacity, BL-3500SLX  by QuickJack is fair enough to handle light cars. The built quality of the product is incredible with top quality material. It will last and serve you many years without any issue.

The usability of the car lift is super simple. You do not have to take much hassle operating this machine. It will go to the maximum height range within a minute.

Besides, there are dual-position automatic safety lack bars included on the machine that will support in times of operation. Unexpected fall of the vehicle will never occur, and the car can be brought down safely in power outage.

The overall price of the product is reasonable, too, for such quality. BL-3500SLX  by QuickJack is an appropriate choice if you are an avid traveller as it is lightweight; therefore, easy to transport. You should definitely give it a go before the stock expires.

  • Pendant control
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Such as amazing safety lock
  • Only 3,500 lbs lifting capacity

5. Ranger BL-7000SLX QuickJack Portable Car Lift

Safety Lock
Strong & Durable
High Weight Capacity 
7,000 LB Lifting Capacity

The universal belief about portable car lift is that they cannot hold much weight. This car lift has broken that belief brutally.

While most of the portable car lifts offer weight capacity ranges from 2500 to 3000lbs, this one provides a maximum of 7000lbs, which is more than enough for even a medium-sized truck!

If someone ever said to you that portable car lift could not lift much weight, throw the Ranger BL-7000SLX on his or her face.

The built quality of the Ranger BL-7000SLX is fantastic with top quality materials. It will surely last many years without providing much hassle. However, you have to maintain the machine properly.

Though it offers enormous lifting capacity and is strong, it does not mean it is less portable. The machine is lightweight. You can transport it easily without any problem.

The machine can raise the vehicle on its full potential within a minute. The operation is simple and straightforward. Moreover, it has dual-position automatic safety lock bars included to take care of the safety of you and your vehicle.

For all this, the price is slightly high compared to other products on this list. However, it is worth to give this one a go. So, click the link below before the stock expires.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Amazing lifting capacity
  • Very comfortable for home
  • Space saving compact Design
  • Not durable for professional use

6. BendPak Portable Low-Rise Car Lift

Safely Lock
Compact Design
6000-Lb Lifting Capacity

The BendPak Portable Low-Rise Car Lift is the last option today, but not the least. Even compared to the above five options, I can say it is better than many of the products there.

The construction quality of the car lift is fantastic with top quality steel. It will surely last many years and offers a weight lifting capacity of 6000 lbs. You can lift smaller and medium-sized vehicles without any hassle.

The BendPak Portable Low-Rise Car Lift features all the safety features. The user, as well as the vehicle, will remain safe, thanks to the Hands-free automatic safety system. It locks in three different heights that offer more convenience.

You can quickly turn your parking space into a service bay with the great BendPak Portable Low-Rise Car Lift. The price of the product is not prohibitive. Overall, it is an excellent option for the price. Give it a shot; I am sure you will never regret it.

  • Steel channel frame
  • Hydraulic power system
  • Hands Free safety system
  • High price


These are the reviews of six most appealing portable car lifts of the present time. As you can see, all of them are fantastic in terms of construction, performance, and price. On the go, any of the above products will be the lifesaver you are looking for.

Before you click the buy button, reading the following section is suggested, where I would talk about some essential buying tips. Let’s see:

Best Portable Car Lift: Buying Consideration

Buying the best portable car lift requires some consideration. If you are experienced in this sector, you can scan through the section. If you are a newbie, you need to give intensive reading. Otherwise, you can end up with a flawed product for your needs. Let’s see what to consider:


Usually, portable car lifts are less capable when it comes to weight holding. As they are light, so they do not have much weight lifting capacity like other types of four and two post car lifts. Again some of the portable car lift comes with excellent weight lifting capacity.

The first thing you need to consider before buying a car lift is the weight lifting capacity. You have to select one according to your needs. If you are a mechanic who wants to fix different vehicles in different places, you have to have a portable car lift with decent holding capacity.

If you want one to handle your car at your home garage, 6000lbs or more weight lifting capacity is fair enough. For professional use, the recommended lifting capacity is about 9000lbs.

Height Range:

Like weight capacity, maximum height range is another fundamental issue to know before buying a car lift. The height range will say how high you can lift the vehicle. The higher the range, the more space you will get to work on. So consider this factor seriously before you pick.


If the car lift is not wider than the vehicle you want to work on, you can understand what is going to happen. If the car lift is wider, you will get more flexibility.

Also, if you want to accommodate large vehicles like trucks and SUVs, your car lift must be wide enough. If you’re going to handle smaller cars on your lift, 100 inches width is fair enough. For heavy vehicles, at least 132 inches width is recommended.


We all want the best portable car lift for the money that will serve us better and will last, right? If so, the primary consideration should be the material, which makes the product. The material determines how many years the product will serve you.

Most of the modern car lifts are made of steel as it is the safest build construction material. Steel is a sturdy material that does not corrode and offers excellent resistance against many harmful substances like car oils. So, it is better to purchase a car lift made of steel.

However, lots of companies made portable car lifts using cheap metal that needs to be ignored. The question is how to know? The safest way to play is to go for a known brand that is a good reputation on the market and read customer reviews on Amazon and other websites.


No matter what, user safety is the essential factor when it comes to buying anything. While shopping for a portable car lift, you had better know about the safety features. On a standard portable car lift, you will notice many security types. Such as:

You will get an automatic safety lock mechanism in almost all the usual car lifts. It locks the lift in the right position while it lifts. Therefore, your lift will not fall in an inappropriate situation like a power outage.

Another thing you will get is the lock bar, which makes the operation smooth. It keeps the lift arm inclines smoothly without the need of your hand. Also, this mechanism uses a hydraulic system and doesn’t need electricity. In power outrage, if your car lift has this feature, you do not have to take much hassle to bring your vehicle down.


This is another significant factor to consider when it comes to buying a portable car lift. The machine you are purchasing must be simple enough to operate without any complications. It must be something that can be performed by an absolute beginner as well.

Most of the modern car lifts come with a simple push-button that does everything for the user. Go for something like that. Complicated functions can be a reason of your frustration, be aware of that.

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Final Words

Car Lifts are sturdy and heavy-duty tool even if it is portable. Lifting and sorting several vehicles need sufficient strength. Therefore, the car lift you are buying, whether it is a 2-post car lift or a 4-post car lift, the construction quality must be excellent.

Otherwise, the tool will not last. On the other hand, you are buying a portable car lift so that you can transport it easily. That is why it must not be heavyweight. Finding the right combo that is strong yet lightweight is hard and a complicated task.

However, I have made the job simple for you with the above best portable car lift reviews. You can pick any of the above based on your budget. I hope you will get a good one for your needs. Now it’s my time to say goodbye. I hope to see you soon enough with other car-related product reviews, hacks, tips, and so on. Till then:


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