Best 4 Post Car Lift for the Money 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Are you looking for the best 4 post car lift for the money? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Congratulations! In this article, I will review the top six 4 post car lifts in the present time.

All the products included in the article are fantastic in terms of performance, construction, and price.

No, we didn’t enlist them randomly. We have researched the market for three consecutive weeks. Our entire team has worked on it. Finally, we got six products that are leading the market.

Four post car lift is one of the most effective garage accessories that help in multiple ways. If you want to make a diagnosis of your car, a car lift will let you lift it one the air with no time and hassle.

If you use a car lift, you can minimize your servicing cost as well. A four post car lift can be useful in a home garage or a commercial garage.

If you want to purchase the best car lift for home garage, you have to read the entire article thoroughly. I will give you a detailed overview and also share some useful buying tips. Let’s start the real journey:

Best 4 Post Car Lift for the Money 2022: Comparison






TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift


8,000 Lbs

Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4 Post Parking Storage Car Lift


8,000 lbs

TRIUMPH NSS-8XLT 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift Oversized


8,000 lbs

TRIUMPH 9000 Pound 4 Post Automotive Storage Parking Lift


9,000 lbs

Mayflower Blacksmith 8000 Four Post Car Lift


8,000 lbs

Best 4 Post Car Lift for Home & Garage 2022: Reviews & Guide

Finding the best home garage car lift is a tricky job as the market offers a wide variety of car lifts. Yeah, in a sense lots of option is good as you have lots of options.

But on the other hand, multiple options can confuse you easily. If you are new in the car industry, it will seem a horrible task for you to find the right car lift for the home garage. So, what to do? Well, you can research and learn, but the process is time-consuming and requires lots of effort.

If you can, it is the best way. But who has that much time in this age? None, so we decided to make it simpler for you. We have completed the research part for you and end up finding some of the best 4 post car lift for the money. Let’s see the reviews.

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1. TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Lift

8000 Lbs Capacity
175 Inches Length
Automatic Locking Feature
Great for Storage & Service

To match all your vehicle needs, TRIUMPH NSS-8 is an incredible choice. The car lift is remarkable for storage and maintenance.

We have put it on top of your reviews because of lots of fundamental features that give exceptional performance. Another reason for keeping it on top is the price. Compared to the quality it serves, the cost is proper.

The set consists of a caster kit, a jack tray, and three drip trays. You can conveniently move your lift around the garage, gratitude to the magnificent caster kit. You can lift one end of your car directly with the help of a jack tray, and drip trays will prevent liquid from dropping on the bottom of the vehicle.

Installing a car lift is straightforward and straightforward. It is portable too. The built quality of the car lift is superb. The manufacturer has created this car lift with their most excellent materials.

Therefore, it is long-lasting and presents an outstanding holding capacity. This portable car lift has the size of the car lift is about 8,000lbs, and it offers 72-inch lift height with a 165-inch runway length. Overall, it is an outstanding option for the price. Go for it; you will not regret it.

  • Automatic locking system
  • Great for storage or service
  • Easy to set up and portable
  • Amazing caster kit for easily move
  • Comes with a caster kit, jack tray, and three drip trays
  • Car lift gate is not available with Auto Lift deliveries

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2. Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4 Post

Easy to pperate
8,000 lbs capacity
Auto lock safety system
Utilized more space in our garage

They said two post car lifts are better than 4 post car lifts. I assume they have mistaken! Just have an in-depth look at this 4-lift car post review carefully; you will understand why I said that! This 4-post car lift is well constructed with premium quality materials.

Therefore, it is long-lasting and able to lift a maximum of 8000lbs. That means any car you name, and it will lift with ease. Furthermore, you can adjust the height according to your requirements. Only 90 seconds is all it needs to reach the needed height or bring it back to the previous position! Isn’t it perfect?

Apart from outstanding construction, you will get lots of other efficient features that will make your job easier. For example- the free jack tray will let you jack the car quickly once it’s on the platform.

You will also get three drip trays that will prevent liquid from a drip from the vehicle. So, this car lift will reduce your hassle on cleanup. It also features a poly caster kit and steel approach ramps.

The manufacturer seriously focused on the safety issue. Unlike several 4 post car lifts on the market, this one is highly safe for both the vehicle and the user.

We should say thanks to the Redundant Ladder Locking system for this. You can set the Auto Lift Car-Park-8 with no hassle. Only two people are enough to set it up. You will find instruction videos on YouTube. The price is reasonable.

  • Easy operation
  • 10 lock positions
  • Extra-large slider blocks
  • Standard option and durability
  • Redundant ladder lock safety system
  • High price

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3. TRIUMPH NSS-8XLT 8000Lbs 4 Post Lift

8000 lbs capacity 
Automatic lock system
Comes with all the options
Engage at 10 different positions

This auto lift by TRIUMPH is a taller, more extended, and broader version of the NSS-8. It is similar to NSS-8 in many ways apart from size and capacity. You will get 20 inches more of wheelbase and 10 inches more of rising compared to NSS-8.

Like that, one NSS-8XLT also comes with a caster kit, jack tray, and three drip trays. The built quality of TRIUMPH NSS-8XLT is incredible with top quality materials. It will surely last for many years.

Furthermore, you can move the NSS-8XLT smoothly with no hassle, thanks to the excellent caster kit. With the jack tray, you can lift the one end of your vehicle effortlessly, and the drip trays will stop liquid from dropping on the bottom of the car. That means, you will get all the additional support and the car lift will not create a mess at all.

The installation system is not complicated. The design is merely user-friendly. It also has automatic locks included that engage at ten different positions. While working, you will never experience any unexpected situation. The price of the product is reasonable too. I think you should give it a shot.

  • Strong and durable
  • Automatic lock system
  • Longer and wider version
  • Comes with multiple options
  • Does not assist in unloading your lift

4. BendPak 9000-Lb. Capacity 4-Post Car Lift

Strong & durable
9000 Lbs capacity
Space saving design 
Electric/hydraulic power system

Are you looking for the best car lift for the money? No worries, I have the BendPak 4-Post Car Lift here to fulfill your need. Currently, it has gained massive popularity among car owners.

This item is ideal both for the home garage and car body shop. The freestanding design of the BendPak doesn’t require any particular foundation. Also, the installation process is super simple. You can put together everything with no time.

Thanks to the engineers who packed the BendPak 9000 with lots of essential features. You will get everything you need from this fantastic champ.

No matter whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, this 4 post car lift will serve you better with its excellence. It is designed to reduce your servicing cost. Also, accommodating any vehicle is a piece of cake for BendPak 4 Post Car Lift.

The overall capacity is about 9000 lbs. The price is not very high compared to other models in the market. If you try this one, I can guarantee you will fall in love with it.

  • Lockable every unit
  • Operating smoothly
  • Space-saving design
  • Very easy and quick installation
  • Item too large for lift gate

5. TRIUMPH 9000 Pound 4 Post Lift

9000 lbs capacity
High quality appearance
Automatic dead bolt locks 
Heavy duty coated casters

In this 4 post car lift reviews, our second last option is the TRIUMPH 9000 Storage Parking Lift, which is, according to experts, one of the most reliable options available in the market, thanks to the top quality construction with premium quality materials.

The manufacturer has used outside slider design that is the secret behind its unbelievable strength and rigid stance.

The TRIUMPH Automotive Storage Parking Lift is loaded with numerous essential features to make your life more comfortable than ever.

You will get 5 inches by 5-inch post with 6 inches by 6-inch slide collars manual deadbolt locks with oversized release linkage 36-inch aluminum ramps weigh only 29lbs — also, the set of drip trays associated with boxed tracks that give extra strength.

They also included freight in the price of the lift to minimize your total cost. Unlike other brands, they don’t aim to play games with the number of their customers.

For them, full customer satisfaction matters the most. So, the cost of the product is highly acceptable. Also, the sleek black and red powder coat finish will provide a clean and quality appearance. The Triumph Automotive Storage Parking Lift worth a try!

  • 36″ aluminum ramps
  • Automatic bolt locks
  • Extra strength boxed tracks
  • Safety system Rolling jack tray
  • Maybe extend weight capacity

6. Mayflower Blacksmith 8000 Four Post Car Lift

Sturdy design
8000 lbs capacity
Prevent overloading
10 Way locking positions

Mayflower Blacksmith 800 Four Post Car Lift is the last entry in this list of best 4 post car lift for the money. But it is not the least. Even the Mayflower Blacksmith 8000 Car Lift is better than the above five products in different ways.

The four post car lift is well constructed with premium quality materials. Therefore, it can carry up to 8000 lbs of maximum weight.

72-inch is the maximum lift height you will get from it. But people usually select this product because of its highly effective security system. The security lock is integrated with ten lock positions.

The Mayflower also features three drip trays, an air tray, and some focus ramps. The product is made of top-quality steel. Thus, it is durable and rust-resistant. It will surely serve you many years without any issue. The price of the product is not prohibitive.

  • Built in power pump
  • Included poly caster kit
  • Single point safety lock
  • Built-in 10 locking positions
  • Floor concrete requirement


That’s all for the best 4 post car lift reviews. I have included six most amazing four post car lift reviews above with all the essential details. You can now purchase one without any second thought. Still, it is not recommended.

I want you to buy it when you are fully ready. So, you need to read the following buying guide section for a better experience. On that part, I will include crucial tips for picking the right product at the right cost.

Things To Consider Before Buying 4 Post Car Lift

I think I should start the buying guide section by answer the most awaited question. Why purchase 4 post car lift instead of 2 post car lift? Well, both types are excellent for different purposes. You can pick anyone according to your needs. But four post car lifts will guarantee you extreme durability. Also, they can withstand even under tougher weights.

If you pick a four post car lift, you can move it quickly with the help of casters. They offer excellent flexibility. If you want an auto lift for the home garage, four posts are the right type. Thus we have reviewed some of the best 4 post car lifts of the present time. Now it’s time to share some essential buying tips. Let’s begin:

Weight Capacity

When buying a car lift for garage, weight capacity is the most critical factor to consider. The weight capacity will let you know how much weight the lift can handle. For home garage, you don’t have to purchase a car lift with a huge role. Mostly home garage lifts can handle between 6000 to 10000 pounds.

You have to purchase, depending on the weight of your vehicle. If you own a smaller car that weights in between 6000 to 10000 pounds, you can have an inexpensive four post car lift. For trucks and SUVs, you have to purchase car lifts with higher weight handling capacity.

Safety Features

You must look for a lift that comes with all the additional safety features to tackle any unwanted situation like slipping or collapsing. Both the auto-lock mechanism and lock bar mechanism is essential for ascending and descending. You should seriously check this stuff while shopping.

Easy Operation

You must go for a lift that is not at all complicated to set up or use. It must come with clear and simple instructions so that you can put together everything, even if you are an amateur. If the machine is simple in every way, it will not give you any pain.


People mostly purchase four post car lifts instead of two post car lifts because of the ability to mobile. A four post car lift can operate freestanding because of the additional stability, unlike two posts that must be attached to the floor. So, you will get mobility from four posts, but to get the maximum benefit, you have to get the best one.

Anyways four posts car lifts are highly suitable for light vehicles, but if you want to handle heavy vehicles, you need to pick one that can be anchored with the floor. Portable car lifts are the right option for the home garage.


If you need extra parking space, you can look for four post storage lifts. You will get several options in this category. If you get one with extra storage space, you can have two parking spaces in one. You can make most of your garage without any hassle.


You have to decide the size considering the vehicle you are going to repair on the car lift. If you use a car like trucks and SUVs, you haven’t many options available. You have to get a vast car lift, no exception. But if you want to repair light vehicles, you will get a wide variety of options.

Decide the size according to the car you are going to fix it. You will get residential garage car lifts for home garage, and commercial garage car lifts for car shops. Just check the price and ensure your deal based on your needs.


Why you need the four post car lift? What is your purpose? You will notice a wide variety of car lifts for different tasks. So you should be very sure about your needs, and then you need to act. You will get four post or 2 post car lifts with a variety of capabilities.

A four post car lift can offer more than 25000 pounds based on the construction quality and brand. You have to decide your purpose, measure the weight of your vehicle, and then act according to that.

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Final Words

Finding the best 4 post car lift was a complicated task before this article, but from now on you can pick without any confusion, I am sure about that. I tried to provide all the essential information about a four post car lift.

Four post car lift is impressive for handling light vehicles and to some extent, heavy vehicles. I’ve enlisted six incredible car lifts of the present time. Now the ball is on your court. You have to decide which one to grab and which ones to ignore based on your needs.

Car Lift is a massive tool. While working with a car post, you have to be very careful. Also, make sure that the product you are purchasing has all the safety features included. In the end, safety is an essential factor.

That’s all for now! If you have anything else to know, feel free to leave a comment. We will get back to you with the right answer. Keep an eye on your blog for more updates.

Thank You!

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