What Size Toolbox for Dodge Ram 1500 – Top Rated Toolbox Brands and Where to Buy

When we want to shift our tools from one place to another in a bit larger scale, then we think about a toolbox for a full size truck bed. So, we immediately think about purchasing a toolbox for dodge ram 1500 truck.

Here the space, features, advantages, and storage are the biggest quarries to know. We get straight to the right size of a toolbox that would be a perfect match for dodge ram 1500 truck bed. Moreover, we will talk about a few styles of them. Hopefully, you would be lucky enough to get all of your answers from our review.

Different position and shapes based truck tool boxes for Dodge Ram 1500 Truck

According to the size of a dodge ram 1500 toolbox, we find out 3 styles of truck bed toolboxes for dodge ram 1500, and they are:

Side mount truck tool boxes

Previously, this type of toolbox was a hazard as they occupy much space from your truck bed. Nowadays, a new type of side mount truck tool box is easy to install, easy to rotate, and has a different inside organizing boxes. Before you are buying such an item make sure you will be satisfied with the minimum storage offerings that being said, you can load 50 to 75 pounds of stuff inside of it.

What we love it: First off, you don’t need to jump in and out from the truck bed while loading stuff. Secondly, these days, some ram 1500 tool boxes come with smart storage features with a secured locking system. Last but not the least, if you frequently go to the jobsite where you usually work and bring and leave parts from there, then this would be an ideal purchase for you.

What we don’t like: Nothing especially to mention, it is all about the limitations as you are not loading tons of things and you are not going to utilize the whole bed space of your truck.

Cross bed or saddle box:

The second one comes with a huge space and many people are using it a lot since it offers them to carry a lot of things. This kind of toolbox comes with a long lid which you can lift up towards the back of the driving seat or the window of your truck.

That means, it is positioned somewhat at the front of the bed so it faces the cab. Interestingly, this kind of tool boxes don’t tough the surface of truck bed since it mounts on the bed rails. So you are going to find space under the tool box. By the way, we have talked about 1 long lid, however, some toolboxes come with more than that, let’s say 2 lids divided by the half of the long one.

Truck Chests

This is an old school stuff which we have seen in the last century. However, it still deserves respect as it contains huge space and this kind of toolbox is heavy as well. So, large capacity storage with heavy duty service both shake their hands so you can carry bigger sized tools.

By the way, don’t get afraid that you are going to put it right on the truck bed surface and it will eat up all the space. Well, it won’t rather than inside the toolbox there would be different compartments where you can put many things so it saves space, indeed.

Last but not the least, it is a real solid stuff which protects the valuable stored items since it is amazingly highly resistant to anything and it is waterproof.

What Size Toolbox for Dodge Ram 1500 Truck

So your question is to know what size toolbox for dodge ram. Before getting this answer, we should know the capacity of a ram 1500 and undoubtedly, it has a huge space. Because, when we talk about the size of a truck bed there would be 3 types come in, the smaller, mid-size, and full size truck bed. The dodge ram toolbox bed contains the maximum space.

To get this answer you will need to measure your truck bed and you can do it by following two simple steps

First: Well, this is a pretty easy task. If you are using the specific ram 1500 then we must say it would be somewhere around 60 square feet. Here you will come up with a tape to measure and spot out the exact measurement so you can put the right toolbox.

Second: Here you will need to measure the distance in between the outside and the inside of the bed rail. After that, you will get your answer like what would be the maximum width of that surface so you won’t mistakenly put a tool box a lot wider than the bed of your truck.

Best toolbox recommendations for dodge ram 1500

Not all the toolboxes will satisfy your requirements. Yes, there are different styles and shape of toolboxes available in the market. After analyzing it, we decided to come up with a few of them, so let’s get started!

1. UnderCove SC300D Truck Bed Storage Box

Versatile Twist-lock 
 75 lb weight capacity
Simply pulling a release lever
Innovative and versatile truck storage box

Swingcase black toolbox for dodge ram 1500 comes with great storage where the upper case is 29-inches long, lower case is 15-inches, and 8 inches wide. Even though the bed of your truck is wide and spacious, you don’t want to keep things and see they are all messed up, so then you can think about it. For that, you can keep tools without losing your truck bed space.

The Undercover Swing Case comes to us as the best overall toolbox due to its amazing accessibility with the easy installation process. Although it is made of plastic, it is sturdy enough to put things like chains, straps, hitch adapters, and other tools.

This toolbox is placed at the side of the bed of your truck and when you push the latches it will arrive at you at 180 degrees of angle. After that, you can easily open it up and find a locking system there. I loved to put my air compressor, heavy bag with tools, and many more things.

  • Rotatable and removable
  • Spacious storage up to 75 pounds of gears
  • Easy opening and closing with secured locking lid
  • Drilling needed while installing it

2. UnderCove SC302D Truck Bed Storage Box

Water resistant
75 Pounds capacity
Sturdy, durable and compact
Simple to install and easily accessible

Now we come up with the Swingcase which is a bit lightweight compared to the first one. Here is why the product dimension is a little bit smaller as well. However, still, you can put a lot of things into this, and a perfect bait for dodge ram 1500. Moreover, it is comparatively easy to install, all you need to do is to measure from the bed to the bottom of the bracket while placing it, then use a couple of wood clamps.

The special feature we have noted is its versatile twist-lock after that it allows you for opening and close without using any tools. Amazingly, you can stand it in the upright position as well. If you want to get access from the back of the tailgate, yes you can have this.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Metal parts are robust built
  • Accessible without opening a bakflip bed cover
  • No metal box storage available
  • Lid sometimes popped out at the hinge

3. DU-HA Under Seat Storage ToolBox

Easy installation
Tools organizer tray
Sturdy and durable construction 

If you are looking for an under seat toolbox then DU-HA brings you a great toolbox for you. Comparatively many other under seat storage, it is quite easy to install (10 min). The great advantage you will get with its non-slip silicone mats is that it will not directly sit on the mat. This toolbox would be handy during the hunting season so you enjoy it as a discrete gun rack where you can put at least 2 rifles.

Overall, we find it a toolbox with well designed but a bit expensive. However, it won’t surprise everyone who is going to buy a toolbox with decent space. That kinda toolbox will only be suitable for your truck bed, not underset.

Before purchasing this crew cab make sure you will ask for giving you the right size that will safely place under the reclining seats perfectly.

  • Easy to install
  • Occupy the minimum space of your car seat
  • Seems expensive although it is made of plastic

4. DECKED RAM Truck Storage System

Easy to install
Safely store tools and gear
Carry heavy loads on the deck
Organized in two sliding drawers

Do you want to use the whole bed space of your toolbox for dodge ram 1500? Then Decked Ram brings with the right storage system for you. It can hold almost 2000 pounds which is huge for you. By the way, before purchasing this make sure the size of the bed would be 6’4″ long. This big toolbox comes with a number of drawers so it will take 2 hours to install all of them.

The drawers are well built, secured, and weatherproof. Therefore, you can keep any types of tools, gear, and any items. The great thing to let you know is that these drawers are organized and airtight so you won’t get to see small amounts of dust or mist. Moreover, you can lock those drawers and find them safe and sound.

  • Heavy durable
  • Spacious and secured
  • Organized storage system
  • Installation process ain’t easy and takes time

Final Words

From our list of best toolbox for dodge ram 1500, we have specifically chosen the most popular choices which are readily available in the US market. Hopefully they are different from others and if you will go through the features of them then you will come to the decision. We tried to mention the styles, shapes and features of them based on them you can go ahead.

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