Want To Step Up Your Car Paint Colors- Things Need To Know

Are you searching for car paint colors? Or Looking for suggestions about car paint colors? If your answer is YES!!! Then this article is for you!

And again, you may have some more questions in your mind. Like- How to choose car paint colors? Where to get car paint colors services?

Well. These are widespread and fundamental questions. How you will step up for auto paint colors and all of your inquiries, this article is here to help you so that you can move quickly as you want. I hope this will help you.

Car Paint Colors Chart

Car Paint Colors Chart

Choosing auto paint colors are the first step. It’s an equally exciting and confusing task. The Color market is full of color to fulfil your demand.

Although there is no limit of color variation, this car paint colors chart is unique. Because of its trendy, fresh collections and shades specifications (one particular color has different shades).

If you have no plans to make custom car paint colors, then you can choose colors from the chart.

For White color-

  • Solid Arctic
  • White Candy
  • Arctic White Wash
  • Natural Candy

For Blue color-

  • Blue Marvel
  • Deep Blue
  • Blue Candy
  • Solid Blue
  • Deep Blue Sparkle

For Black colors-

  • Solid Black
  • Black Candy
  • Deep Emerald Candy

For Red colors-

  • Red Marble
  • Solid Red
  • Fuchsia Candy
  • Indian red Candy

For Green colors-

  • Emerald Sparkle
  • Solid Emerald
  • Emerald Green
  • Emerald Candy

For Orange Shade –

  • Solid Orange
  • Orange Candy
  • Burnt Orange Candy

For Purple colors-

  • Solid Purple
  • Purple Candy
  • Deep Purple Candy
  • Purple Haze Fade
  • Solid Violet


  • Burgundy Candy
  • Silver Sparkle
  • Ebony
  • Honey Gold
  • Pacific Fade

Finding Your Paint Code & Color Matching Your Paint

Custom Car Paint Colors

Custom Car Paint Colors

In the market, there are more than 60000 auto paint colors for you. After hearing that you might be happy but making the right solution is not easy. But If you have the plan to go with customized auto paint colors, then read this attentively. As you have the freedom to create your car color, so gather some ideas from here.

In case of Metallic Automotive Paint Colors:

Metallic car paint colors are made from finely ground metallic aluminium pigments. This pigmentation gives sparkle with numerous variations on color paints. Brightness depends on the use of metallic pigmentation. By combining metallic pigments with a wide range of transparent pigments, a company makes customized car paint. Examples are-

For Silver Color: Stellar Silver Metallic, Iridium Silver Metallic, Fine Silver Metallic

Titanium Frost Metallic

  • For Grey Color: Wood Grey Metallic
  • Charcoal Grey Metallic

For Blue Color: Royal Blue Metallic

  • Lemans Blue Metallic
  • Arctic Blue Metallic
  • For Green color: Euro Racing Green

In case of Solid Automotive paint colors:

  • Solid car paint colors do not contain sparking agent like pearl or metallic. Though we will find many identifiable shades, black and white are the most famous examples of pearl car paint.
  • For example, Bright White, Jet Black, and Arctic White, Sooth Grey, Pale Yellow, and so on.

In case of candy Automotive paint colors:

  • It gives a fantastic unique look. The reason is three steps. YES! The candy colors are made in a 3 step process. We find this color from the mixing of bright basecoat and transparent midcourt. And finally, it is protected with high gloss urethane clean.
  • Examples are Wine Red, Copper, Asiatic Blue, Lemon Drop, and so on.

In case of pearl (Base/Clear)Automotive paint colors:

  • By combining unique pigments with traditional transparent pigments, we get pearl car paint. You should know that individual pigment is used to call pearlescent pigment.
  • Examples: Sunset Orange, Sunrise Orange, Black Cherry, and so on.

In the case of Color Changing Car paint colors:

  • The paints which have the color-changing ability can display different colors. But this color-changing display depends on how or where they are viewed. The Chameleon Paints is known as ordinary color changing car paint.
  • This car paint color has excellent durability rather than any conventional automotive paint finishes.
  • Examples: Nature’s Fury, Tropical Storm, so on.

How to Choose Car Paint Colors

When you are choosing color paint for your next car or wants to repaint your current car, then you have to consider some factors like a new fashion trend, your social status, your occupation, basecoat of colors and many.

By considering all of these, select a color that fits your needs and taste.

Let’s make a drive to the following points for more details-

Make a chart of your favourite colors: Make sure you are writing preferred colors. Don’t make a too-long list and don’t put an extra color as another option. To avoid confusion, take a quick decision.

Make an imagination:Imagination is an excellent practice for color customization. In the vision, you can make a quick visit all of your known places with the car. It helps a lot to choose.

Take a car as a model and check If your desired color suits on it or not: If you take a car as a model than the color visualization will be more precise.

Ask your dealer about color options and car model: If you don’t have a car model then ask your dealer and also discuss color variations.

Choose your desired color or ask the dealer about customization: By seeing model, select your auto paint color. Choose white or silver color for safe color. If you want any customize the color and design, then ask them.

Avoid standard paint option: To make your car special along with a gentle look then avoid color repetitions.

Think about resale value: If you planned to sell your car then choose popular colors or commonly used colors as we are physically different and thinking as well. So, maintaining the most popular car color is safe for you.

Consult a professional painter about car paint colors: To stand in the right track, follow a professional painter’s suggestion.

Ask professional painter about how to paint by yourself: As you are not licensed so ask them to know how to do it by yourself.

Know where to get the car paint color: It’s another crucial point. If you don’t have any idea, then you cannot step forward. Also, know about the quality and quantity. Try to buy colors from renowned brands. Their color has a warranty!

Where to Get Car Paint Colors Services

You can paint your car. But if you want a brand new look, then you have to hire a professional painter. Paint color service providers have enough equipment and technology to ensure that your car gets new life with a fresh look.

Service providers usually provide services on body paint, touch up paint and Spray paint.

To get excellent service, you visit their websites.

Expressway collision centre, Auto body repair Hudson MA, Arpco auto painting and body repair. Except that, there are many places where you can get excellent services.


Q) Will my car look like new after the color paint?

Ans: Yes.

Q) Should I prefer white color for safety?

Ans: Yes. If you have the intention to sell the car, then the white color is perfect.

Q) Should I wash my car before I bring it in for painting?

Ans: NO

Q) How long will the paint last?

Ans:  It depends on you. Although all paint colors have a guarantee, if you take care of it by keeping washed and waxed, then color will long-lasting.

Q) Is it able to hide minor damages of the car from a distance?

Ans: Yes. It works more effectively than solid paint.

Q) What is base coat color best for Chameleon pearls?

Ans: Black.


From the very beginning to now, the concept of ‘car’ is fancy. To increase its outside beauty car paint is here. The word ‘Car paint’ sounds like an easy deal and seems little. But its actual approach is the opposite. Every single color has many shades and names.

Can you think of it? What will you do if you have many collections of colors? What will be your step?

YES! You know all the answers. So, step up with this article and express your personality through your car.

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