Best Tuner for 5.9 Cummins Engine: Reviews & Guide

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Cummins is a really popular name if you go out searching for diesel engines. Because they’re the best in the game. Let’s be real, the 5.9 Cummins is an absolute monster. Just fix it in your truck, and you’ll see. The horse-power, mileage, everything about this machine is on another level.

Every business needs a manager to run soundly. Tuners work like the manage, monitoring every part of the engine. If you want the best out of your truck, you should go for the best tuner for 5.9 cummins. You can optimize the machine, adjust the variables, basically control the wild horse with just a touch. 

This article focuses on some of the best tuners for that hot 5.9 Cummins of yours. So, dive right in!

Top Rated Tuner for 5.9 Cummins in 2022

Here’s a complete table for you to take a quick look at!






Edge Products 30201 EZ for Dodge 24V 5.9L

Dodge 24V 5.9L


Smarty Touch Programmer S2G

Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel Trucks - 1998.5-2012 5.9L 6.7L


Edge Products 30301 24V Comp Module for Dodge 5.9L

Dodge 5.9L


New Superchips Flashpaq F5 In-cab Tuner



Edge Products 30200 EZ for Dodge 24V 5.9L

Dodge 24V 5.9L


Best Tuner for 5.9 Cummins Engine: Reviews & Guide

Tuners, also known as the programmers, are a great way to maximize your engine performance. You don’t need to be an engine-nerd to choose the right tuner for your  5.9 Cummins. Take a look at this review before you make the ultimate decision.

1. Edge Products 30201 EZ

Improved driveability
Adjustable power levels
Compatible in Dodge 24V 5.9L 

If you choose EZ 30201 for added mileage, towing power, and fuel economy, you won’t regret it. This one is for the campers that want to take their trucks to the limit.

EZ 30201 3 power levels to adjust from, and that goes all the way up to 65 HP. Many drivers expressed their satisfaction saying that EZ 30201 amped up the power of the engine that allowed them to tow their stuff uphill safely.

To control all that power, EZ 30201 has an unparalleled throttle response that kicks on as soon as the command is given.

This one was created to save money by using fuel efficiently. Don’t worry, the fuel economy function doesn’t slash down the mileage, it enhances it, in fact. EZ 30201 provides power for the easy atomization of fuel that takes up the mileage count to 15%. You won’t find many programmers that are more economical than this one!

People choose this because of how easy it’s to install and operate. It only takes about 10 minutes for a beginner to mount and adjust this tuner. You won’t need to do any drilling or hammering or download stuff online! Just plug it in and be the master of your truck.

  • Has one of the best fuel economy
  • Increases the miles per gallon(MPG)
  • Easy installation and power adjustment
  • Unrivaled throttle response and control
  • ECU flashing time is long and boring

2. Smarty Touch Programmer S2G

Fastest PID refresh
Fully Internet updateable
Compatible in Dodge 1998.5-2012 5.9L 6.7L

Let’s start with the display. The thing you’ll notice first is how wide MADS S2G is. It’ll almost look like a smartphone with a 4.3” touch display. With a resolution of  480 x 272, there’ll be no blurry or unclear readings. You can mount this from the side of the dash and read them easily even while you’re driving.

Another one of its impressive features is its gauge display. It gives a stylish look to the monitor and the updated readings in real-time. The built-in gauge feature comes with 5 different gauge parameters. You can watch four at a time. But don’t worry, you can easily configure which four you want to watch.

MADS S2G is one of the fastest tuners out there. It only takes four seconds to start, refreshes fast to give the readings in real-time, and updates the ECM(engine control module) really fast(about 10-15 minutes), after it connects to the internet. These updates are free, just make sure you have a pc with Windows OS installed.

Why it’s so fast is another point of wonder. MADS S2G has separate CPUs for two different devices that it hosts, a smarty touch display and controller. That’s why the smarty touch display refreshes and updates so fast. The smarty touch controller lets you set the values of the parameters and apply them.

Its alarm system will let you know whether the parameters you’ve set have become critically high or not, so sleep tight! No wonder why this is considered the best programmer for 5.9 Cummins by many.

  • Fast and easy ECM update
  • Wide high-resolution touch display
  • One of the fastest tuners on the market
  • Built-in gauge display for real-time monitoring
  • Software updates are only compatible with windows

3. Edge Products 30301 24V

Low boost smoke control
Compatible in Dodge 5.9L
5 Adjustable power levels

Edge 30301 is a magnificent invention, especially for a 5.9 Cummins with a Bosch fuel injection pipe installed. Those who already have gauges in their truck will unlock a new level of efficiency. This is one of the many reasons why this guy can claim the title of the best programmer for 5.9 Cummins common rail.

If you’re a camper, worried if your truck can pull all the heavy loads uphill, fear not! Because Edge 30301 can adjust the fueling, thus power more accurately. You’ll have five levels to choose from, ranging from 40-120 horse-power.

Each of these levels has 5 sublevels to control the power level more precisely with 25 levels.

The technology behind such an accurate control of fueling is superb. Edge 30301 has a data link connected directly to the Bosch fuel injection pipe. After setting the parameters, this guy controls both the fueling and timing of fuel release directly through a CAN-BUS cable.

But timing and fueling is not the only thing it controls. Edge 30301 can monitor the RPM(rotations per minute), turbo boost pressure, other fueling variables in real-time. Such accurate monitoring can increase machine performance, fuel economy, and warn you if something goes over the limits.

  • Low boost smoke control
  • Superior fuel control and timing
  • Real-time monitoring of variables
  • Accurate fueling through 25 levels
  • Breaks fuel injection pipe if handled roughly

4. New Superchips Flashpaq F5 In-cab Tuner

Quick and safe power
Coverage gas and diesel
Compatible in Dodge 1998-2014

If a flashy, wide monitor tuner doesn’t impress you, then how about an old-fashioned one? Sometimes, you can get more from the simple handheld tuners. Flashpaq F5 is compatible with a wide list of engine models of HEMI and Crysler. But it’s their performance in the Cummins we’re interested in.

The secret of its success lies in simplicity. Flashpaq F5 connects easily to your car, and fits in the palm of your hands! Its 2.8-inch screen is more than enough to monitor and control the fuel economy, variables, performance, etc. You can do all those things with its user-friendly menu structure.

Flashpaq F5 kinda reminds of the old Java OS phones, because it’s durable and strong like them. The hardware and the device itself is really sturdy. It has coverage of both gas fuels, which is quite a handy feature.

One of its key features is its autocorrect. Flashpaq F5 automatically corrects its speedometer based on any change of the tire diameter between 26-40”, even recalibrates if the axle/gear swaps.

It controls more than the engine. With Flashpaq F5, you can control the TPMS(tire pressure monitoring system), turn on or off the foglight, disconnect the sway bar, control the daylight running options, etc.

You immediately use it after plugging it in with the Plug-N-Play feature. It connects automatically to the internet via the USB and comes at a great price. Flashpaq F5 will leave you asking, ‘Is this the best diesel tuner for 5.9 Cummins’?

  • Plug-N-Play feature
  • Easily installed and portable
  • Compatible with a lot of different engine models
  • Autocalibration of speedometer based on changes
  • Does Not Support CAB
  • No real-time monitoring of the variables

5. Edge Products 30200 EZ

Easy installation
Adjustable power levels
Compatible in Dodge 24V 5.9L

EZ 30200 can be a great budget option for your 5.9 Cummins. Take the performance of your truck to the next level with this one.

Many are impressed with its superior power handling because of the 3 step power control that goes all the way up to 65 horse-power. EZ 30200 can enhance the fuel consumption of your 5.9 Cummins and turn it into a powerhouse. Your truck will be ready to climb any hill the next time.

Whenever it gets to a new level, you get a distinct sound that lets you know that you’ve shifted levels. The power control not only helps the machine get an extra 65 horse-power but also a 180 massive foot-pound torque!

Since it monitors the RPM, Turbo boost pressure, and other such variables, you can ensure a constant flow of power whenever it’s needed.

By monitoring and adjusting the variables, EZ 30200 lets you have a better fuel economy and mileage. After plugging it in, you’ll notice a 5-10% rise in mileage. It has one of the best prices to performance ratio, so you’re getting a lot for the money.

Another amazing thing about it is its weatherproof case and hardware. Like its sister programmers that came before, EZ 30200 is super easy to install. It’ll be ready for use right after you plug in the stock connectors and takes only 10 minutes to be fully functional. No drilling or heavy machinery is required.

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Multi-level power handling
  • Increased mileage and torque
  • Unparallel price to performance ratio
  • Long and Tedious ECM updates

6. Force Performance FA-DOD210

Made in the USA
Easy installation
Compatible in Dodge Ram
 2500, 3500, 4500 & 5500 5.9L Cummins

If you’re looking for the best tuner for 5.9 Cummins mileage, this one will amaze you. No other tuner will melt into the heart of your engine more effectively and easily like FA-DOD210.

You won’t need to worry about drilling, carving, or any permanent changes in your car to install this. FA-DOD210 can be adjusted easily without any hassle. No permanent changes mean the warranty will remain intact. This one’s compatible with a wide range of Cummins and RAM models.

It’s so simple to set up — an understudy with no prior experience could do it. The installation is intuitive, and it comes with a set of installation kit so that you won’t need anything extra. But if you do face problems, their expert customer service operatives are ready to help you.

FA-DOD210 was made to amp up the performance of your 5.9 Cummins. This guy tunes the air-fuel ratio to increase fuel efficiency and mileage. You’re getting 5 miles per gallons and 38 horse-power more from your engine. And this massive boost is completely safe for your machine.

Being one of the most affordable tuners on the market, FA-DOD210 is a treat for someone who enjoys a decent price-to-performance ratio.

  • Comes at a great price
  • Better mileage and fuel efficiency
  • Compatible with a lot of other models
  • Easy installation without any footprint
  • A long duration of software updates

7. Force Performance FA-DOD209

100% emissions safe
No experience required
Compatible in 2500, 3500, 
4500 & 5500 5.2L, 5.7L HEMI,
5.9L, 6.4L HEMI & 8.0L

We end our list with another Force Performance. Hailing from only domestic parts, FA-DOD209 is an all American tuner monitoring your 5.9 Cummins.

FA-DOD209 is really affordable compared to the programmers on the market. But don’t think that they compromised the performance in any way. In line with its sibling FA-DOD210, this is one of the greatest programmers you can find.

With each FA-DOD209 you’re getting an upgrade in the performance of your truck. This engine master will enhance the capabilities of your 5.9 Cummins, adding 5 MPGs and 38 horse-powers. That’s a massive boost compared to other tuners on the market.

This nifty little programmer is compatible with a wide range of Dodge RAM, HEMI, and of course, Cummins engines. You don’t have to do anything laborious to fix this into your car, and it doesn’t leave any footprint behind, so you don’t have to worry about the warranty being foiled.

Installing this is so easy too. You won’t need any experience to connect it to your engine correctly. It takes under 20 minutes to be inserted and become completely functional.

You won’t need to run to the store to buy installation kits because Force Performance will give you the complete set of kits, all you’ll need to set it up properly!

  • More mileage for a great price
  • Can be installed quickly and easily
  • Expert and responsible customer service
  • Versatile and goes well with other models
  • Takes a while for a software update

What to Look for Before You Buying 5.9 Cummins Engine Tuner

To fully train you to choose the best tuner for your engine, just introducing to the products won’t be enough. You need to look for some attributes that should tell you whether it’s the right one.


You’ll be checking the parameters constantly while driving. The performance can’t be tested without trying it out first. With each calibration, you need to see the values, match it with your desired number, and calibrate again. It’s absolutely crucial to have a clear display.

So, you have to choose the display you’re comfortable with. Handheld tuners have a smaller display, and the menu settings can be navigated with buttons. This is where touch displays have received more popularity as the calibrations are pretty easier and readings come in real-time.


As technology progresses, it gets more and more complicated. It’s true for tuners as well. If you want more functions from the programmer, get ready for a complicated installation process. That’s why you’ll find an easy-to-follow user manual that’ll guide you through the process.

If you still seek simplicity, there are products on the market that’s simple to install yet just as effective. Handheld tuners have an easy plug-n-play function. The EZ tuners have simple chords that are easy to connect; it takes less than 10 minutes.

Fuel Efficiency

This is the prime reason why people seek a tuner. A tuner will decide whether it’ll save your budget or flip it on its belly. So, the manufacturers focus on this a lot. You need to check the reviews whether the tuner actually performs to their claim.

To be a fuel-efficient tuner, they should always have some tricks up their sleeves. Some adjust the fuel to air ratio to get the maximum output; others just affect the fuel injection pump directly. Whatever the method, it needs to be completely safe — otherwise, it may damage the systems.

Performance Improvement

Let’s face it, you’re not thinking about only the fuel when you’re buying a tuner, you always hope for a bit extra. The manufactures survive into a tremendous competition by satisfying your demands. That ‘extra’ comes in the form of a performance upgrade.

You’ll see a lot of tuners promising to add mileage, RPMs, horse-powers to the engine. They not only use less fuel but also make the most of it to give a boost to the engine’s performance.

5.9 Cummins Tuner FAQ’s

Got questions? Check out the list of FAQs!

Q: How do I get more power out of my 5.9 Cummins?

Ans: The simple answer would be to feed it more fuel, but that won’t be very economical. So, you have to buy a tuner that gives you the maximum mileage without excessive fuel consumption.

Q: Is EFI Live good for Cummins?

Ans: EFI Live makes some great tuners. Their products receive some of the best reviews so they’re safe from your truck. But make sure you check out other brands like EZ, MADS. Flashpaq. They might surprise you.

Q: How much horse-power can you get out of a 5.9 Cummins?

Ans: When it comes to engines, 5.9 Cummins is an absolute monster. Their normal tendency is to rise up to 800 HP, and they do it like it’s a walk in the park. But drivers do often go beyond that.

Q: What is the best tuner for a 5.9 Cummins?

Ans: It’s hard to pick one since they all shine on different aspects. If you’re looking to buy one, EZ 30201, MADS S2G, Flashpaq F5 are all magnificent tuners that you should try.

Q: How can I make my 5.9 Cummins last longer?

Ans: Simply, the better you take care of it, the better it’ll serve you, and the longer it’ll last. A step in the right direction would be to buy a tuner that’ll monitor the engine while it’s in operation. It’ll let you know if something is off so you can take measures right away.

Final Words

This concludes our search for the best tuner for 5.9 cummins. I’ve handpicked the best tuners on the market that impressed people with their performance and reliability. So, I hope you’ll find the tuner you’re looking for right here!

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