Best Obd2 Scanners for the Money: 10 Most Tested & Compared in 2022

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Having one of the best OBD2 scanners, particularly when the weather is colder, is very handy when your car gets engine checking light on.

A diagnostic scanner onboard can show you the difference between a defective $30 gas cap and a bad catalytic converter, which costs many times more by taping in the control computer of the car.

OBD2 scanners may also offer an uncommon glimpse into the deeper recesses, the drive, and other primary components of the engine.

Whether you’re visiting a vehicle service center for the manufacturer or a third-party repair store, you will have plenty of details with us to keep you away from driving.

Top Rated Obd2 Scanners in 2022 – Short Overview






ANCEL AD310 OBD Scanner



BlueDriver LSB2 OBDII Scan Tool



Autel MS300 OBD2 Scanner



OBDLink MX OBD-II Automotive Scan



FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner



10 Best Obd2 Scanners for the Money: Reviews & Guide

First of all, let me name you the 10 best OBD2 scanners for the money and in the below section you’ll be provided the features of these products too. So Don’t skip any portion so, read them carefully.

1. ANCEL AD310 OBD Scanner

Easily determine
Fast scan and clear trouble codes
Works on  2000 EU and 1996 US-Based

Ancel’s AD310 is the best OBD2 scan tool in general as a handheld scanner on a laptop as well as when attached to a phone or tablet by Bluetooth.

By the way, This Ancel AD310 Scanner is now the top OBD2 scanner in Amazon It may also add an external monitor with main engine parameters to the cockpit of the vehicle.

Consider it a choice of scanning freedom. The AD310 is small, lightweight and 5,1 x 2,4 x 0,6 inches in weight with a weight of 5,4 ounces so it can live in the glove box of your car.

It has a 2.0-inch color display based on icons and is a bit skimpy but easy to figure out, whether you want an I / O inspection readiness test, coolant temperature, engine time, and engine speed.
It is also easy to detect. It can be displayed as numbers or charts.

With 2014 Audi All road, this ODB scanner connected quickly and displayed a graph of the engine speed and other parameters.

Later on, it discovered my fault and was able to turn off the light of the car. A three-year warranty covers the Ancel BD310, which can do many more than one-use scanners.

  • Classic Retro design.
  • It’s well built with a large LCD.
  • Easily detects check engine light.
  • Works on most 1996-US based cars.
  • Erasing fault code is a bit tricky.

2. Autel Maxidas DS808 Automotive Diagnostic Tool

Multiple function
Works on 1996 to 2017 vehicles 
Capabilities for codes, live data, active test

This high-quality OBD2 scanner is just a good practically diagnostic tool. It has over 50 European, Asian, and domestic products. It provides great coverage. It equips an outstanding technology that recreates the entire functionality of an OEM device used by car technicians.

With any diagnostic needs, the system provides a full solution and includes OE connectors for all models released from 1996 until the latest models including BMW 20 pins, Mercedes 30 pins, Nissan14 pins, etc.

The machine gives the best control experience, a large 7-inch touchscreen with 800 * 400 pixels in resolution. It also tracks, reproduces, and streams live data to track defective components.

  • It supports the ECU.
  • High-quality performance.
  • It covers a variety of vehicles.
  • Provides a large 7-inch display.
  • Little bit costly.

3. BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool

Ensure quality
Verified by Professional
6 Mode advanced test results

The OBD2 Scanner also featuring many utilities including unique dongle connectivity is highly efficient. The app has the unique ability to read advanced data such as misfire and provides advanced driving technology, ABS, and airbags to provide you with the maximum power over your car.

While effective sensors guarantee incorrect performance, efficient implementation provides you with precise, readable codes. The gadget also gives potential advice on the solving procedures in addition to identifying issues. It holds over 4 million positive fixes from its vast archive.

  • Compact design
  • Easy to use as a code reader.
  • Completely licensed and certified.
  • The BlueDriver App and BlueDriver Sensor just work together to ensure consistency.
  • I can’t interpret live engine data.

4. Bafx Products OBD2 Car Scanner

Real time diagnostic sensors
Best for professional mechanic
Works on 1996 or newer vehicle 

For all Windows and Android systems, you can read and clear the BAFX Bluetooth OBD2 scanner with Diagnostic Difficulty Codes (DTCs). The tool helps users to quickly set up their vehicles, and even newcomers can diagnose, track, and even make third parties’ software like Torque Pro work more efficiently, on their own.

On both Windows and Android platforms, the BAFX Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner can read and delete Scanning Problems Codes (DPCs). The device gives users a simple way to diagnose and check their vehicles on their own, even with third-party applications like the Torque Pro. They can function more easily.

When you buy the scanner to use with your Laptop, you will get a trial version of the device. BAFX goods provide customers with a 2-year warranty from their suppliers and also promises outstanding customer support that can cope with issues long after the warranty expires.

Since the scanner is designed to work for vehicles in the United States, compatibility problems will exist for any international customer outside the United States. While the tool is not appropriate for iOS users it still has good reviews from Android and Windows communities and is perfect for a simple.

  • Provide great performance.
  • Includes graph sensor reading.
  • No compatible for iOS.

5. Autel MS300 Universal OBD2 Scanner

Safe & durable
Mechanic approved
Powered by vehicle directly

Clear Docs to help home mechanics find car problems easily, Ms300 Auto code reader uses Easy to use 2 button interfaces to read. This diagnostic reader is simple to use with an elegant interface and a quick-to-read backlit keyboard. Comes with 30-day refund or substitution, and Us Seller service with Autel Ms300 Vehicle Code Reader.

Ms300 is the best Obdii Scanner Tool Communicates with Vehicles through Standard 16-Pin Obd2 Cable and It’s powered by Vehicle directly- No Battery Needed. Please Follow the Correct Usage Order: Engine Off- Plug Ms300 In- Turn Ignition On…

Ms300 Engine Code Readers Can Retrieve VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) In 2002 And Newer Vehicles Supporting Mode 9 For Quick Vehicle Identification and Cut Time Spent Locating the Cause Why the Check Engine Light Is On.

Ms300 Car Code Reader Retrieves I/M Readiness Status to Check Emission-Related Systems Like Misfire Monitor, Fuel System Monitor, Comprehensive Components Monitor, O2 Sensors, Evap to Help Your Vehicle Ready Pass the Annual Smog Check.

Features an Easy-To-Read Backlit Lcd Screen, Multilingual Menu and DTC Definitions, and Standard 16-Pin Obd-Ii Connector–No Additional Cables Are Needed.

  • No battery needed.
  • Can retrieve VIN easily.
  • MS300 check engine code reader can read codes.
  • It allows you to understand why CEL is on like a pro and turn off the control engine light instantaneously after correct repair.
  • Auto obd2 code reader features easy to read and clear DTCs with 2 button design to help home mechanics quickly find car issues.
  • The Manual is not provided in the package. You have to download it from their website.

6. OBDLink MX Bluetooth OBD-II Scan Tool

Firmware updates
Fast and reliable connection
Automatic protocol switching

You will have the best option if you want to use your OBD2 scanner exclusively through Bluetooth. Also, a proprietary Battery Saver alternative ensures continuous battery backup is offered.

OBD2, EOBD, JOBD, as well as many other global versions, cover this high-performance scan-tool. ScanTool 426101 facilitates the Test Engine Light to be disconnected and reads and does electronic analysis and other medical issues commands.

The OBDLink application also checks if the vehicle is suitable for the emission test. This device provides 128-bit encryption, which prevents illegal access by hacking to your automotive network.

  • Fast and reliable connection.
  • Overvoltage security protected,
  • Turns to sleep mode automatically if not used.
  • Improved performance of an exact and detailed graph.
  • May face some issues on using 3rd party app.

7. Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner

User-friendly design
Accurate and fast diagnosis
Compatible with 7 languages

Autel’s OBD2 scanner comes with several features that the professionals will enjoy and the DIYer needs to decide specifically why the control engine is illuminated. With the basic interface and intuitive functions, the scanner is easy to set up and use. It’s anything but, though it may seem basic.

This scanner can be used for freezing frame data, testing generic and producer specific codes, or clearing and resetting codes. This is a scanner that can do everything and is also available at a reasonable price.

You want to pay attention to the specific manufacturer codes to determine the exact cause of the check engine light. This means that you can save a lot of cash by solving some other challenges, which can also enable the light on the search engine to turn on and deal with the real problem.

  • Low in price.
  • Easy to use as a first-timer.
  • Freeze frame data can be viewed.
  • Contains error codes specific to both generic and manufacturer.
  • Not compatible with windows 10.

8. FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Tool

Malfunction features
Quick reads engine fault code
Works on most Worldwide cars

The Foxwell NT301 OBD-II scanner allows you to see if this automotive instrument offers more functionality. In addition to checking standard problem codes, it monitors settings such as illumination and sensors on the Test Engine and provides live input when driving the car.

The scanner is a step beyond several budget options for design and construction. The full-color display is sufficiently large for clear information and trouble codes, especially for live data monitoring. Thanks to the large buttons on the surface, controls are also easy to learn and use.

The NT301 lacks some of the more advanced features true professionals’ offer, despite being marked as a professional scanner. Live data monitoring, for example, is restricted to battery voltage. For all vehicles, information such as O2 data is not available. Compatibility with other marks and models is still a concern.

  • Unique design.
  • No battery required.
  • Accurately reads error code.
  • Allows users to view DTCs, locate bad O2 sensors, access readiness status, turn CEL off.
  • Red-Yellow-Green LEDs and built-in speakers have assured emitting test readiness status.
  • Not identified.

9. Veepeak OBDCheck BLE OBD2 Scan Tool

Monitor fuel economy
View real-time sensor readings
Works on 1996 or newer vehicle in the US

The Veepeak Mini Wi-Fi OBD2 Scanner is suitable for Android, Windows, and iOS computers and is compatible with all vehicle types, including light trucks and minivans, produced in the USA in and after 1996.

In local purchases, this Scanner will be used for all US, European and Asian cars, meaning that compliance tests may be needed for models sold outside the United States before this Scanner is purchased. Even so, this scanner supports each of the five OBD2 protocols as far as local compatibility is concerned.
You can easily connect the Veepeak Mini Scanner to your Apple, Windows, and Android devices, which is something you won’t be able to say about any other known product of the same price.

If you’re looking to save a few bucks on the problem-solving of your vehicle, the Veepeak Mini Wi-Fi OBD2 is a great choice for any vehicle.

It is a great addition to the toolbox of every beginner or professional so you can read and clarify code and diagnose problems remotely to make sure your cars work smoothly. The Veepeak Mini Wi-Fi OBD2 is a great option for you to find a compact wireless scanning tool easy on your wallet.

  • Easy to use.
  • There is a guarantee for it.
  • Compatible for all OBD2 vehicles.
  • Sensor data is provided in real-time.
  • It causes battery drainage for some uses.

10. Autel AutoLink AL519 OBD2 Tool

DTC Lookup function
One click readiness status
Erasing the diagnostic trouble codes

AL 519 uses modern technology and offers various well-thought-out features. You never have to worry about the illumination of the Check Engine Light with the AL519 model, which successfully turns off that light.

Similar to Ancel AD510, this scanner can predict, even before you go to a test center if your vehicle passes the smog test. The unit is equipped with an efficient alert system with a small speaker that provides audible notifications to inform if your vehicle is ready.

  • Affordable.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Works on most vehicles.
  • Accurate and fast vehicle diagnosis.
  • SRS and ABS testing don’t support on old model cars.

So, we have briefly discussed the features, pros, and cons of the 10 top Obd2 scanners for your vehicle. Hopefully, you’ve read carefully and got information about all. Now in this section, we will discuss the extra facts and buying guide which any of you need to know as well to choose the best. Let’s get directly into that-

Things to Consider Before Buying Obd2 Scanner

It is not that convenient to pick the best car scanner for your needs. Hundreds of different scanners can be found on the market.

We have written a small customer guide on how to select the right and best OBD scanner. We will examine things before the purchase and ask questions about OBD2 scanners frequently.

The first thing one should know how to test the OBD2 scanner. That’s a vital part of choosing or buying a scanner.

Testing OBD2 scanner

Anyone can use their car to check the most powerful OBD2 scanners over a few weeks in the garage or on the road. Then make sure they would report the VIN code of the car after attaching every scanner to the OBD2 port of their car.

For the Wi-Fi, you have connected via a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to your Apartments Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface, or Samsung Galaxy S9 +. You only had to plug in the handheld scanners.

Next, on the handheld scanners, you can measure the cable length and the other wireless bandwidth. You can track the engine and other critical structures with the running car and then unconnected the oil temperature sensor of the engine. Finally, the details of the scanner can be checked, the problem will be fixed, the light switched off and the error code will be removed.

How OBD2 scanner works

The OBDII scanner will be shown on the computer if you have linked it to a port underneath the dashboard on the driver’s side. Afterward, you will learn the significance of the code through the Internet or by utilizing the scanner guide to decide the cause of the issue.

To this end, the same function is played by both code readers and scanners. Although the readers do nothing other than relay codes, the extra mile goes with high-end scanners. In addition to providing error codes, even though there is no issue with the engine, they do have real-time details.

The details may involve the air/fuel ratio, the anti-brake locking device, airbag issues, battery statistics, coolant temperature, O2 sensor state, and more, depending on the sort of scanner you have invested in. Some scanners provide tips to solve the problem.

Types of OBD2 scanners

There are two types of Obd2 scanners that everyone should know-Scan Tool: This can provide live and recorded data as well as manufacture codes. This can be expensive too.

1. Scan Tool: This can provide live and recorded data as well as manufacture codes. This can be expensive too.

2. Code reader scanner: This system scanner can read and clear codes from a car that OBD2 installed. They can’t show advanced data.


You need to know what features of the scanner you need. You may have to choose a more expensive code problem scanner if you are going to do any codes or other basic settings. A simpler generic difficulty code scanner will suit you easier if you just read the problem codes of the engine control modules and nothing else.

You can find the majority of scanner functions in the above list, but I recommend that you go to a link from Amazon and view the full description of the scanner if you want to see the complete list.

Wide Range compatibility

One of the strongest aspects of OBD2 high-quality scanners is that their compatibility with modern OBD2 vehicles is not that. The older OBD1 cars are instead supported by these versatile products.

Various scanners are compliant with various vehicle types. After 1996, the most generic problems scanners can read most cars because they use the same problem code system.

You will ensure that the scanner is compliant with your car whether you are reading other control units such as airbags, ABS, and transmission, among others.

This detail can also be identified by heading through the goods links and showing the car content at the bottom of Amazon. Make sure your vehicle is found there. You could also double-check it by e-mailing the seller and asking if your car is compatible.

Multiple Connection

Most OBD2 scanners connect directly to the vehicle port OBD2. There is a downside, as batteries do not require these devices. However, you may want a Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connectivity model if you want added convenience.

Determination of OBD-2 scanner

As discussed earlier, OBD-II high-end scanners will identify many items that your car might be incorrect. You will say whether the air-to-water ratio of your car is sufficient or not, whether it is utilizing unnecessary gasoline and the coolant temperature is outside the limit.

When the scanner is attached to the port under your dashboard, it lets you know the fuel and smog check readiness of your car. Such apps also relay details about any EVAP system issues with your car and will fix any of them.

These tools should let you know if the engine pacing, motor speed, and RPM trigger issues to sweeten the offer further. Some of them go so far as to check their built-in mustimeters for burnt-out wires and disturbing power shorts.

Installed Software

It is important to test the amount of time you get free scanner updates. Because what if you are buying a new vehicle and the scanner is not updated, so you must buy a new scanner to read it?

Hundreds of new car models are coming annually, and the manufacturers of the code scanners usually update their scanner software to make your scanner compatible with the new ones too.

Few scanner vendors are still low on free upgrades, so you might want to upgrade them a little longer. My suggestion is to pick a scanner with free notifications for life.


When you check for a scanner, the cost is an important part. How much will the scanner be used? If you don’t use it at all, you will likely be able to choose a cheaper scanner for your job.

You may want to pick a device with greater longevity and professionalism, which would cost a little more if you have a garage and read several cars a day.

However, the price doesn’t necessarily tell how heavy the scanner is. Some Cheap scanners will usually surprise you, and the more costly you will be. My recommendation is to look for scanners on our list and you certainly won’t find them.


Before you buy the scanner always test the guaranteed date. The scanner will create issues from the suppliers directly and you would like the opportunity to return and get a new one. If you do not like the product and want to send it back, it is also good to have it.

If you enter the links to the company, you can find the date of guarantee on the manufacturer’s webpage or Amazon.

Obd2 Scanners FAQ’s

Q: Why use a scanner tool?

Ans: Modern vehicles are highly complex and difficult to fix problems. What is unique with new cars is that they are smart, they fix problems for you. If there is not a right parameter, a question code would occur. You can get that trouble code with a DTC tool and find out where to start resolving your problems. You can save a lot of money from getting started to solve problems at the wrong end.

Q: Where the connector is located of the OBD2 scanner?

Ans: Usually, on the left-hand side the OBD2 connector is placed under the steering wheel. If it’s right driven, on the same side. You can use this site to find your OBD connector location: OBD2 connector location.

Q: How long the battery will last?

Ans: Poorly designed OBDII scanners could drain the car’s battery entirely if they are connected for hours to the OBD port. That’s why we recommend disabling the scanner from the port under your dash before you start driving the vehicle.

How to Use an OBD-II Scan Tool

Final Words

Choosing the correct scanner may be quite challenging but I’m sure you’d be confident if you read the whole article which code scanner to choose from. Why do you waste money on an OBD2 scanner if you can only search for an auto mechanic if your car gets bad enough?

In addition to being a one-time purchase, the better OBD2 scanners will provide you with the knowledge you don’t know when you have it.

In addition to helping you shut off this alarming ‘Test Engine’ signal, these tools allow you to determine your vehicle’s battery status and the proper functioning of its O2 sensors.

Moreover, as these machines are working, they make you know a problem before they even raise their hideous heads. This knowledge saves you from the terrible scenario of being stuck in the middle of none of your vehicle, without realizing what went wrong with it.

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