Top 7 Best Exhaust for Mustang GT 2021 – Compatible with 2010-2019 Models

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If your exhaust system has to be changed or a brand-new system wishes to improve the efficiency of your car, we have gathered information about the best Exhaust for Mustang GT for you.

The greatest exhausts will boost top power by decreasing the exhaust system backpressure. They can also be used to improve the car’s noise and boost their look.

What is the Exhaust?

An exhaust system is commonly used to direct reaction exhaust gasses away within an engine or stove from controlled combustion. The whole device transmits gas from the compressor, which comprises one or two exhaust pipes.

Top Rated Exhaust for Mustang – Comparison



Tip Size




4 Inches


Borla 140017 Exhaust

4.5 Inches


Borla 140428 Exhaust

4.25 x 3.5 Inches


Borla 11806 Rear Section Exhaust

4 Inches


Corsa 14332BLK  Exhaust

4 Inches


Best Exhaust for Mustang GT 2021 – Editor’s Review

Here is the list of 7 best exhaust for Mustang GT which will be compatible for all models between 2010-19.

1. BORLA 140585 ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System

Tip Size: 4″

Tip Shape: Round

Pipe Diameter: 2.25″

Exit Style: Single split rear exit

Tip Style: Single round rolled angle-cut

Borla Cat-Back Exhaust comes first from the list. They continuously explore the boundaries of what an exhaust can achieve, through their state-of-the-art research and development facility. It reveals that the efficiency is second to none with the aircraft-quality austenitic stainless steel.

BORLA 140585 ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System

If you’re searching for high-quality exhaust and don’t care about paying a little more, this is just for you.

S-type Cat-back system: For all GT Mustangs, 2015-2017 Borla launches the brand-new S-Type Cat-Back system to help mitigate the problem.

Total Emission Compliant: This exhaust system from Borla Cat-Back uses an integrated X pipe that bolts directly up your catalytic converters to ensure your Mustang emission is 100% compliant.

Attractive look and Loud sound: The look is both provocative and the tone, making your Ford Mustang the top of the desirable car category.

  • Easy to install.
  • Constructed of stainless steel.
  • An integral X-pipe is also included.
  • Provided all necessary hardware accessories.
  • Expensive.
  • Some feel it loud.

2.Borla 140017 Cat-Back System Exhaust

Tip Size: 4.5″

Pipe Diameter: 2.25″

Exit Style: Straight

Exhaust Type: Single

Exit Style: Single split rear exit

The high-performance stainless-steel exhaust system T-304 in Borla is engineered to last under extreme conditions.

The Borla exhaust systems give automobile enthusiasts worldwide more strength and torque, a long motor life, precision fit and for these, it’s entitled “BORLA Sound of Power”.

S-type: Feel modern with S-Type which sounds classic. With the owners of the Vette, BORLA® Success generated quite an atmosphere! This unusually famous 2-tip Cat-Back® (PN140017) features “S-Type,” which gives you a more offensive sound and more powerful flow. Cat-Back TM is called “Stinger.”

Variety Options: Both C5 and C5 Z06 are available from BORLA®. Pick from different tip sizes and styles of mufflers. The most common “S-Type” muffler or “Touring” muffler is available for Cat-Back TM and Axle-Backs.

Aggressive sound: The ‘S-Type’ sound is more furious. We have the “touring” muffler with a less offensive sound for those who like it on the milder side.

  • Made of corrosion-resistant.
  • Provide S-type classic sound.
  • Also provides a split rear exit.
  • It became a variety option for C5 and C5 Z06.
  • Not identified yet.

3. Borla 140428 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Tip Size: 4.25″ x 3.5″

Exit Style: Single split rear exit

Fitment Type: Performance/Custom

System Material: 304 stainless steel

Pipe Diameter: Single 2.5″ Into Muffler, Exiting Dual 2″

Borla Cat-Back complies with proprietary, direct-through, and multi-core technology to release secret power. This higher exhaust speed adds strength, inspiration, fuel consumption, and the distinctive Borla power sound respected by motoring fans all over.

To ensure total efficiency and reliability each device is made of quality austenite steel, superior to T-400 knockoffs. Ultra-smooth diapers guarantee optimum flow and performance. The precision computer-controlled output of CNC guarantees a precise fit. With a million miles warranty, Borla stands behind any machine.

Installed ATK technology: The technology provides the highest dB rate, which avoids distortions to ensure transparency. Your new vehicle not only enhances performance but is also tuned acoustically to a loud and violent exhaust sound.

Great sound to ears: These cat-back devices, customized to your particular car, are designed as a graphical equalizer that provides the right sound for your ears.

Quality finish: The finishing components are handmade by master craftsmen of quality stainless steel austenitic 300-series and ultra-smooth mandrel tubing.

  • Avoid all distortions.
  • Premium-quality design.
  • ATK technology installed.
  • The universal type of fittings.
  • Can be expensive.

4. Borla 11806 Rear Section ATAK Exhaust

Tip Size: 4″

Pipe Diameter: 2.5″

Tip Shape: Round Angle Cut

Exit Style: Single split rear exit

Fitment Type: Performance/Custom

Borla has created a groundbreaking new exhaust technology to enable engineers to monitor the acoustic notice of an exhaust unprecedentedly for automobiles around the spectrum of RPM while maintaining 100 percent of Borla’s proprietary multicore design capability.

This latest technology called ATAK (Acoustics-Tuned Applied Kinetics) is developed for Borla’s high-performance purists who prefer exhaust notes to their stereos and delivers the maximum dB possible (decibel) rating.

ATAK is based on pumping the volume while preserving sound quality, ensuring that interference is minimized in louder depletion. ATAK is designed to form and concentrate sound waves as a graphic equalizer for maximum high-volume performance.

Loud sound: With an “ATAK” Axle-Back exhaust system for an offensive muscle car sound, give a touch of Borla perfection to your 4,6L GT.

Quality Construction: The Borla Axle-Back exhaust system consists of two racing “ATAK” inspiring mufflers, with 4-inch polished stainless steel slant tips for offensive sound and spectacular appearance, constructed of ultra-smooth mandrel pliable 2.75″ stainless steel tubing.

Reusable: This Borla Stainless Steel Exhaustion System is designed for upgrading the 4.6L GT Mustangs in 2005-2009 to provide a direct bolt-on reusing plant hardware.

  • Loud sound.
  • Mufflers inspired by ATAK.
  • Highly durable construction.
  • Compatible for 2005-2009 Mustangs.
  • Some may say a bit pricey.

5. Corsa 14332BLK Cat-Back Exhaust

Diameter: 3in.

Exit Type: Dual

Type: Cat Back

Material: Stainless Steel

Fitment Type: Performance/Custom

This Corsa Sports 3″ Cat-Back is engineered with a twofold rear exit to create an intense accelerated sound and a drone-free cruising experience. It is made of quality stainless steel to provide lasting performance, sound, and appearance.

Unique design: Each Corsa exhaust system is designed to complement the particular characteristics of the vehicle, to provide the perfect fit and performance. Corsa does not advise or confirm purchasing and installing on undefined cars.

Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC): RSC technology enables Acoustic engineering to produce a drone free exhaust sound engineered uniquely to suit the vehicle personality.

Proprietary Reflexive Sound Cancellation (DRC) technology Each system is designed to boost vehicle performance, to supply an acceleration AGGRESSIVE SOUND and DRONE-FREE EXPERIENCE on the cruise. The sound preference does not impact efficiency gains.

  • Easy Bolt-on setup.
  • Full costumed tune.
  • RSC technology installed.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Provided all hardware instructions.
  • Installation may take long periods.

6. Borla 140590 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Tip Size: 4″

Pipe Diameter: 2.5″

Exit Style: Single split rear exit

Fitment Type: Performance/Custom

System Material: 304 stainless steel

The Borla 140590 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System is mainly equipped for horsepower, torque and to increase the performance of your Ford Mustang. Also, the exhaust system increases the exhaust sound as well.

What separates it from the Borla ATAK Cat-Back is that its frequency is 25% -30% less than ATAK, and thus the better alternative for people wanting the classic Borla sound but not so much noise.

The sound of the Borla Touring is nevertheless more aggressive. BORLA engineers expend multiple hours tuning exhaust systems to properly reflect vehicle applications’ personalities and performance.

The effect is a better driving ability. By using the thrilling sensory reaction of the sound, the BORLA exhaust note will assist a driver in the powerband in a demanding environment. By using the auditory input from the sound with unrivaled clarity the Borla exhaust note will help a driver stay inside a challenging section.

Stainless Steel Construction: Made with stainless steel, any corrosion or rust may be forgotten because it is built to withstand these elements. Steel is also tough and avoids torture from other road elements regularly.

Care Fuel economy: With this exhaust system not only does horsepower and sound boost but also fuel consumption when operating at cruising speeds.

Excellent exhaust tips: The polished exhaust tips supplement the image on the outside. They are a few centimeters longer than the lower, rear end of your Ford Mustang. The tips are often handled well to withstand damage.

  • Highly Durable.
  • Long term warranty.
  • Include high flow and power.
  • Provided S type exhaust system.
  • Sturdy stainless-steel construction.
  • Expensive.

7. Borla 140067 Cat-Back System Exhaust

Tip Size: 4″

Pipe Diameter: 2.5″

Exit Style: Single split rear exit

System Material: Stainless steel

Fitment Type: Performance/Custom

The T-304 high-performance stainless-steel exhaust system from Borla is engineered to last in harsh environments.

Borla exhaust systems provide you with more strength and torque, longer engine life, accuracy, and the distinguishing “BORLA Sound of Power” known for car enthusiasts worldwide.

Flow Exhaust: To dramatically improve airflow over the restrictive exhaust system, Borla engineers have developed this cat-back for a drastic increase in power and tone.

Loud sound: The Borla Axle-offensive Back’s sound comes from Stinger Muffler’s Trademark “S-Type” The Stinger Mufflers are made of T-304 stainless steel, which creates an offensive muscle vehicle sound with simple and alarming nature.

Strong built: The “Stinger” device of S-Type Cat-Back has been produced from 2.5″ aerospace-grade austenitic stainless steel and features 4″ bright polished tips that have a highly offensive look. This device also includes the famous Borla “S-Type” mufflers for a sonic operation.

  • Sturdy built.
  • Aggressive Sound.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Ultimate performance.
  • No warranty.

What to Look Features Before Choosing Mustang GT Exhaust

The first time you want to check whether you want to change your Mustang exhaust. The target of your update depends. The update of your Mustang is for various reasons. You must pick the path. And you should go to the market to substitute your stock exhaust with an aftermarket header after you know what you want.

But you might want to remember a few normal items when buying a Mustang exhaust-


The suppliers commonly use mild steel to produce the stock exhaust system. And over time, it will escalate. The aftermarket parts, in comparison, are made of aluminized steel and stainless steel. The exhaust systems have a lifetime much longer than the stock exhaust. And the steel will last as long as your vehicle.


Axle-Back: Exhausts from Axle Back refer to a shorter system that substitutes the very back of the exhaust from the rear axle (wheels) back. It is a better option than a cat-back device and is typically the easiest way to make your Mustang look good and adjust the sound if you’re not looking for results.

Cat-Back: When referring to an aftermarket cat-back exhausts are referred to as the ‘ordinary kind.’ These normal operations are more costly than axle backs, as the name suggests from After the catalytic converter (cat) into the back of the vehicle.

Cat backs provide a more fluid exhaust solution which allows your engine to breathe better and improve output and also the appearance and sound benefits from Axle Back’s above systems. It also makes it possible to extend the system further by linking the headers or down pipelines directly to a complete exhaust system for optimum benefits.

X pipe and H pipe: X pipe or h pipe are words that refer to V8 exhausts alone. It is a component at the front of a cat-back system, replacing the OEM silencer with a portion that either has a cross-flow exhaust gas (X pipe) or a lateral connecting pipe between the two sides of an exhaust pipe (H pipe).


If you want to boost efficiency dramatically more than anything else, a package of headers is perfect for you. You will undoubtedly find a shift in the depth and volume of the exhausts, but in most situations, those who want full strength are the people who gather headers for their Mustang.

You will collect for your Mustang two separate types of headers: long tube and short. Long headers are for owners of Mustang who want to have the full flow at the top of their power band so that the maximum power from aftermarket exhaust systems can be improved.

Short headers are available, on the other hand, but many said that factory exhaust controls flow nearly as well as a brief header. Therefore, we suggest that you pick up a variety of long tubes when you are searching for a collection of headers. Note that the use of the mid-pipe included in the kit or the mid-pipe is needed for most long tube headers. Only a handful of long tube lifts can be attached to plant-sized cat-backs, so please double-check before buying!


In short, you can keep an eye on adjusting the emissions mechanism if you mess with your factory catalytic converters. So, you wouldn’t have to pick up a tuner if you were just to install an axle-back or cat-back device.

However, you will need to swap the catalytic converters with either high-flow cats and an off-road mid-pipe if you choose to pick up a lot of long headers of pipes, thereby totally replacing the catalytic converter. You must have the correct tuning to support the improvements to the emissions system of your vehicle because of these changes.


Whenever you have a chance, on shows or in meetings, etc. we suggest listening to cars on the video and in practice. Images can but cannot demonstrate “in real life” what an automobile is. You don’t even know how to stand outside even though you rev, as long as you work with it and drive it in your driving style on your way. Oh, we never said it’d be easy to pick.

After the first mounted sound can still alter a bit, so NEVER hurry to conclusions! Live there for a couple of hundred kilometers before you go to bed and coke. Tuning and intakes can also adjust the tone when the front end of a receiving mechanism can be mounted. A driver might complain about the resonance of a certain device, but a driver with the same car could not hear it because he drives differently and hears differently! Every ear does not hear the same thing.


Here, that’s where you have to remember. Four key settings are open. They are single exhaust, dual exhaust, and dual crossover. And they all deliver different benefit proposals and different levels of change of results.

Now that you know what places we have in common, let us talk about what you want. There are two key factors why your stock exhaust system may want to be replaced. Perhaps you want more power, or you may want to quieter your engine or both. There are choices for you, regardless of the reason.


The costs can vary, but Mustang rates begin at about £1150 for a quality cat back and can rise to over £3000 depending on the device preference. E.g., Milltek provides a quad-tip system that customizes the rear valve for additional tips and offers a range of coated, or titanium tips.

Headers of quality V8 will differ in prices with choices of pet, with Kooks systems measured from around £1800 to £3000, depending on choices. Ecoboost pipes can be decanted from about £600 to up depending on the pet etc.

Switch away budgetary pressures, since they are often poorly built, manufactured, or poorly fitted. A good exhaust efficiency can have a well-controlled exhaust gas flow. Budget systems also damage performance by bad design. Or sound bad and easily fall apart.

What’s the best loud exhaust for the 2018-2019 Mustang?

Mustang GT Exhaust FAQ’s

Q: How about installing a dual exhaust system in Mustang?

Ans: When you change your V6 Mustang, the exhaust is the first place you can look at it. And then you can use that mid-pipe. And so. In essence, the exhaust flow will increase and your V6 Mustang has a dual-exhaust system. The machine could, however, be influenced by the installation of many additional tubes. Don’t fret, though. You should do many things to maintain your driving ability. You can find improved applications by using a chambered muffler for your double exhaust system.

Q: Does it sound aggressive?

Ans: Yes, the exhaust note V6 Mustang is rich. However, if you want the exhaust to grumble through your engine, you can make some adjustments. And they are easy to use, too. You will get an exhaust note similar to the V8 by applying those improvements.

Q: How the horsepower differs from a straight and curved pipe?

Ans: The straight pipe exhaust systems make it easy for your engine to flex and be as noisy as it wishes. It also greatly increases the power output of your engine. It’s expensive, though. The cost is to boost your emissions and fail the emission checking of your engine. Consequently, most racing cars are driven by straight cylinders.

Final Words

It’s not straightforward! You have to know and all of our clients are willing either to change their minds later or decide to change their tone or consider like they originally made the wrong decision. Any Mustang owners, for instance, initially liked their thunderous exhaust but, after six months of love, it started to wear it every day and needed something calmer.

For others, a “sensible” solution was not drastic enough and they opted to turn to a rawer method after hearing more animated stuff.

Don’t be scared of jumping in. After all, if you don’t want a bed, you can change it later! You can still sell the original device to another user if you wish to change it! Remember to change and personalize any vehicle. It is your car, so who cares what someone else does if you like what you have. The other thing to note is that 99.9% of the time you like more than stock, most quality systems, regardless of the one you have.

In your V6 Mustang, exhaust plays a deciding role. Not just to remove toxic gas but also to increase the efficiency of your engine. You must then select, based on your preference, the correct exhaust system for your V6 Mustang. We hope our list of best exhaust for Mustang GT will help you get rid of your confusion.

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