Best Paintless Dent Repair Tools – Reviews & Ultimate Guide

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Yeah, I know how frustrating those tiny little dents can be! They are such pain unless you don’t have the best paintless dent repair tools in your hand. If you have a decent set, dents will never make your life measurable.

Some drivers on the road are rude. They will never say sorry even if they leave contact details. Dealing with body shops and insurers can be a real pain just for a tiny dent.

You have to wait for the automobile shops, pay huge bills and get disgusted by their poor service. This is why owning a set of Paintless Dent Repair Tools is a smart idea.

Let’s see the significant benefits of owning a set of Paintless Dent Repair Tools:

  • The Paintless Dent Removal process is environment-friendly
  • No more wasting money on things you can handle yourself
  • No more waiting on the body shop
  • No more hassle and irritation

So, spending a few bucks on a set of top 10 paintless dent repair tools will not be a waste. Now the obvious question arises, how to find the best one? To know the answer, keep reading.

Top Rated Paintless Dent Repair Tools 2021 – Short Overview






FLY5D® 65Pcs Auto Body Paintless Dent Repair Tools Kit


65 PCS

AUTOPDR 40pcs DIY Paintless Dent Removal Tool Kit


48 PCS

Manelord Auto Body Dent Repair Kit


35 PCS

ARISD 32Pcs Auto Body Paintless Dent Removal Tools Kit


32 PCS

GLISTON 89pcs DIY Paintless Dent Repair Kit


89 PCS

Best Paintless Dent Repair Tools Reviews: Our Top Picks

Picking a set of best Paintless Dent Repair Tools depends on several things including many pieces, construction quality, and performance and so on. Also, the market offers a wide variety of dent repair tools.

Among them, picking the right set is a tricky job to handle. One has to have all the necessary knowledge about dent repair and also need to survey the market accurately, which is time-consuming.

So, we have decided to make the task a bit easier for you. We’ve completed the research part. Now you only have ten best paintless dent repair kits to choose from. Let’s begin the reviews first:

1. Gliston Auto Body Dent Repair Tools Kit

Strong & Durable
Suitable for Hard Dent
Comes with Complete Kit

The Gliston Auto Body Dent Repair Tool Kit is the first attraction today. We’ve put the product on top of our reviews for many reasons. Gliston is one of the leading brands in the car repair tools business.

They always create top quality products for the cost. This one is no exception.

The manufacturer has made the Dent Lifter with high quality and lightweight aluminum and then powder coated.

So, it will last for many years. The padded feet add additional support for maximum pulling power. In a whole, the set is marvelous. It will amaze you to have it. Don’t miss it! The stock is limited.

Q) Which materials are used to establish the Gliston Dent Repair tool kit?

A) The lifter is formed of aluminum, and it is powder-coated. Thus, the product will last for many years. Other kits are made of high-quality plastic material. There are many holes included on the tabs so that you can make the glue paste easily.

Q) How powerful is the glue gun that is included in the package?

A) The PDR Glue gun offers 100 watts of power. It is made by advanced engineering plastic with a copper nozzle. The machine is lightweight and long-lasting. You can use the glue gun for dent repair and handicrafts.

Q) How are the glue tabs?

A) You will get 28 different size glue tabs that are made of top quality plastic and spiral. So, no matter the size of the dent on your car, you can handle them effectively.

Q) Is there any instruction manual included?

A) There is a professional-grade instruction manual included. You will learn everything about each part.

Final Feedback

The price of the set is fair. You will receive all you need. However, many current users complained that the product is not good enough in large dents. Before hitting the link below, you need to think about the aspect as well. But for the cost, it is absolutely an excellent choice.

2. FLY5D® 65Pcs Auto Body Paintless Dent Repair Kit

Easy to control
Strong Viscosity
Certified for Rockwell Hardness

The FLY5D is the solution for those looking for a dent removal kit at a reasonable price.

It is a smaller dent removal kit, and the price is lower compared to other products in the market.

But the set can well provide efficiency and quality you need. The collection is fantastic with all the essential parts.

Everything included in the set is well constructed with top-grade materials. Give it a go. I am sure you will not regret it ever. Hurry up. The stock is limited!

Q) What is included in the set?

A) The set offers 65 different pieces including LED dent board, a tool bag, a black dent lifter, a glue gun, a runner hammer, a slide hammer, a silver tap down, a mini T-bar, a shovel made of plastic and different puller tabs. You will also get eighteen glue sticks for effective dent removal.

Q) How to use the dent kits?

A) You need to clean the surface where the dent is located. The second step is to put the glue in the glue gun and heat it as instructed. Decide the puller size according to the size of the dent.

Now, it is time to put the pad in the middle of the dent. Wait, a little while until it is stuck. When the glue cools down, use the dent lifter or T-bar to press the puller. Yeah, the system is super simple.

Q) Is it expensive?

Well, if you compared the set with our top pick, yeah I’ve to say it is a bit expensive. But here you will get 65 pieces, so a bit of extra price is fair enough.

Final Feedback

The product is excellent in every aspect. It is inexpensive for the size and performance, easy to use, contains every essential part, capable of handling different sized dents, has powerful dent lifter and T-bar included and so on.

But we do not recommend the product for professional use. If you want to handle little dents without wasting your money, you can have the set.

3. AUTOPDR 40pcs DIY Paintless Dent Removal Kit

Widely Used
Quality Assurance
Professional Design

Car dents are a constant concern if you have a car. If you visit a car shop for every single dent, you will turn into a beggar soon. Thus, you need to purchase the Dent Removal tool Kit.

And if you want to spend, spend on the best. The AUTOPDR 40pcs DIY Paintless Dent Removal Tool Kit is considered as one of the best for many reasons.

You will get everything required for dent removal. All the components are well constructed. The cost of the set is valid too.

Q) What are the items you will get on the package?

A) The set includes A tool bag, a gold dent lifter, a bridge puller, a hot glue gun, a rubber hammer, five yellow glue sticks, one tap down set with five heads, five blue puller tabs, twelve black puller tabs, a dishcloth, a small plastic shovel. Also, you will have a good instruction manual so that you can operate everything thoroughly.

Q) Which size can dents be handled with the set?

A) Well, the set features 23pcs different size high-quality glue tabs. So, you can handle both large and small dents with no problem.

Q) Will the set protect the paint of the vehicle?

A) Certainly, it will. They construct the dent repair tool with tempered high-carbon stainless steel and standard stainless steel. The part that will make contact with the car has a high-quality rubber package included. So, it will never harm the original paint of your vehicle.

Q) Is the set versatile?

A) Indeed, it is. You can pop out dents, repair door ding, and hail damage. Also, the kit is able to handle so many other dents.

The set is sufficient for the ejection of metal, motorcycles, refrigerators, washing machines and other metal surface dents. This versatile set will let you fix everything and save your money on an auto repair shop.

Final Feedback

The set includes everything you can call for. However, many consumers complained that the set is good enough for large dents and not highly useful for smaller ones.

However, in our workshop, we discovered it convenient for both large and minor dents. If you use it properly, dent size will not matter. The cost is fair too. And it is believed as one of the current best paintless dent repair tools for the value.

4. Manelord Auto Body Dent Repair Kit

Extensive Used
Scientific Design
Protecting Original Paint

The Manelord Auto Body Dent Repair Kit is another excellent product for the price. The design of the set is scientific. For example,- The dent puller is designed with the principle of leverage.

So, it is ergonomic and practical. The golden dent lifter is adjustable and rotatable for the right fit. If you use the set, you don’t have to provide much effort.

The set comes with everything one requires for effective dent removal. It can be used in different applications too. The price is reasonable.

Q) How versatile is the set?

A) The set is versatile. You can handle car dents, repair door dings and hail damage with the Golden dent puller. Also, the set is useful for automobile, refrigerator, washing machine, and other metal surface dents.

Q) Will it harm the original paint of the application?

A) The part that will connect the body of the application has a high-quality rubber precision package included. So, it will never harm the original paint of the vehicle or any other applications.

Q) Is there any guarantee included with the product? 

A) With the package, you will get the support of the professional service center, 30-day full amount refunding facility, quality warranty, and technical support. The customer service of the company is excellent. You can knock them any time for your query.

Final Feedback

Though everything is perfect on the set, yet one thing you should know before shopping. The set doesn’t have any Glue Gun included. If you purchase the set, you have to buy the Glue Gun differently.

Otherwise, it is an excellent set. The price is very reasonable compared to other models. So, if you purchase a glue gun separately, it won’t cost much.

5. ARISD 32Pcs Auto Body Paintless Dent Removal Tools

Use Widely
100% Quality Service
Best for Professional

The ARISD 32Pcs Auto Body Paintless Dent Removal Tool Kit is the ideal option for people with a tight budget.

The set is comprehensive, reliable, and affordable.

The set contains everything you need including dent puller, dent lifter, glue gun, and glue sticks.

Using the tools on the set is easy to use as well. Also, those tools will not damage the original paint of your vehicle. Overall, the product is worth a try.

Q) Is the set versatile?

A) Indeed it is versatile and safe to use. You can repair door ding and hail damages on any metal surface including auto, motorcycle, and washing machine and so on. The product will not harm the original paint. Don’t worry!

Q) How many pieces will I get on the set?

A) You will get a total number of 32 tools on the set. The set covers everything one needs for dent removal. All the parts are well constructed with top quality materials. They will last many years.

Q) Is there any warranty available with the product?

A) Yeah, the company is offering a two-year warranty currently. The time duration can decrease or increase later. But for now, you will get a two years warranty.

Final Feedback

The included glue sticks are trash, sorry to say, but that’s the brutal truth. Other parts included in the set are fantastic. You have to purchase separate glue sticks. Anyways, the set has everything.

Therefore, it will save your cash on body shops. The dent removal process by using the set is super simple. Lots of professionals are using the set currently. You should give it a go as well.

6. Fly5D 74 Pcs Body Paintless Black Tools Kit

Best for Hard Dent
Best for Widely Use
Comes with 74 Pcs Kits

Are you looking for a professional set for effective dent removal? No worries, I have the solution for you. Yes, the Fly5D 74 Pcs Body Paintless Black Starter Set Kits is the option I am talking about.

The set contains 74 components. So, you will get everything essential for practical work. The set is used mostly by the professionals in a body shop.

Everything included in the set is well-constructed with top quality materials. They will serve you several years with no problem.

Q) What can you do with the FLY5D Paintless Set?

A) You can use it for a professional dent removal task in any body shop. The set can handle auto dent and hail damage. It never causes any additional cost to the original paint, thanks to the unique arched bridge design.

Q) How is the quality of included Glue sticks?

A) Three types of glue sticks are included in the set. The Yellow Glue Sticks has a stable viscosity. These are suitable for more laborious parts of cars. The white glue sticks are ideal for less hard parts of the car, and Black Glue sticks are soft on the car body.

Q) How is the built quality of the Fly5D Paintless Set?

A) Each of the tools included in the set is well constructed with top quality stainless steel, tempered high carbon stainless steel and standard stainless steel depending on the specific tool. Those components surely will last many years.

Final Feedback

The set includes all the kits one needs for fixing their vehicle. Almost all of those kits are well constructed and do their job correctly. But the set is not very ideal for massive works.

The Glue Gun that comes with the set is fantastic as well. The price of the product is valid for quality. Give it a go, and you won’t be disappointed.

7. Mookis 77PCS Paintless Dent Repair Tools kit

Beginner Friendly
Ergonomics Design
Comes with 77 Pcs Kits

The Mookis 77PCS Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kit is another charmer of the current era.

The product will never harm or damage your original car paint.

Meanwhile, it will cover both significant and smaller sized dent adequately.

Using the kits is not a complicated job. The set is made for a wide variety of uses.

Q) Is the product costly?

A) Not at all. People usually think that the set provided by Mookis is costly as it covers almost 72 Pcs of dent removal kits. But the truth is, this set is relatively reasonable. You can surely give it a go.

Q) Will it harm the original paint of my car?

A) Mookis dent puller tools are constructed without toxic material so it will not be going to cause any harm to the original paint of the car. And the set is designed especially for car dent removal. So, it will work correctly on your vehicle.

Q) Is the set versatile?

A) Though it is specially designed for car dent removal, you can use it on other applications. The set will handle sheet metal processing of automobile, refrigerator, Motorcycle Body, Washing Machine, and so on.

Final Feedback

The set covers everything essential for dent removal task. The price of the product is not prohibitive. It will surely save your money by handling all dent removal tasks like a pro. So, why are still you waiting for? Hit the link below and confirm your purchase. Hurry up. The stock is limited.

8. BBKANG Paintless Dent Repair Remover Removal Tool

Widely Used
Paint Friendly
Easy Manipulate

Are you looking for a dent removal set that can handle a wide variety of car dents?

If yes, the BBKANG Paintless Dent Repair Remover Tool Kit is the right choice for you.

The set is specially designed to remove different size dents.

The set is available in various kit sizes including 35, 40, 41 and 60 pieces. You can pick the one according to your need.

Q) How many tabs will I get?

A) Let’s face it. Tackling dents means you have to handle a wide variety of dents of different size. For that, you have to have different sized tabs included on the set you are purchasing. Thanks to the BBKang as they offer 24 multiple sized tabs for tackling almost all dent sizes.

Q) How versatile is the BBKANG Dent Removal Kits?

A) The set can be used for hail damage, door ding, motorcycle, refrigerator, washing machine, and so on. Now you tell me whether it is versatile or not.

Q) How is the built quality of these kits included in the set? 

A) All the kits are well constructed with top quality materials. The manufacturer of the product selected safe materials so that those cannot ruin or damage the original paint of the vehicle. Also, those products have passed strict quality control test. You can depend on them without any fear.

Q) Is the set paint friendly?

A) Indeed the set and everything on the product is paint friendly. They will never harm the original paint of any vehicle. All of those are made without any toxic chemicals. Even you can remove glue with ease. All you have to do is to spray alcohol.

Q) How is the design?

A) The design is user-friendly. You can use the kits with no hassle. You will get a storage bag in the package. So, storing them while not in use will not be a problem.

Final Feedback

According to many pros, the set powered by BBKANG is one of the top rated paintless dent repair tools in the market today.

If you want to handle different sized dents and hail damages, this is the choice you need to make right now. The product is top-rated so that stock will end soon enough. Hurry up. The price is reasonable too.

9. GLISTON 89pcs DIY Paintless Dent Repair Kit

Reliable Quality
Beginner Friendly
Comes with 60pcs Kits

Why select the GLISTON 89pcs DIY Paintless Dent Repair Kit? I can give you two solid reasons to have it in the first place.

One, the set includes 83pces, highest in the market so far.

Two, the set is made of quality materials. Therefore, the paint of your vehicle will remain in good shape.

In a whole, the set is perfect for all sized dents and hail damages. Pick it; you will not going to regret.

Q) Is there any warranty available with the product?

A) The company is offering a two-year quality warranty currently. But this time, the limitation can change. If you purchase now, you will get this warranty facility. I don’t know anything about the future, though. They also offer a money-back guarantee within 24 hours. So hurry up to get this facility.

Q) Will it ruin the original paint of my vehicle?

A) A big NO! It is a complete paintless dent removal set constructed with top-grade materials. Therefore, the set will never harm the original paint. On the other hand, they will last for many years.

Q) Which sized dents can be handled with the set?

A) You can handle dents ranges from 0.1 to 10 inches.

Q) Is the set versatile?

A) Yeah, it is. You can handle damages not only from the vehicle but also from several other applications. The set is ideal for all kind of cars, motorcycles, and Refrigerators.

Q) What will I get on the set?

A) The set includes 89pcs including Golden Dent Lifter, Pro 2 in 1 Slide Hammer, Newest LED Reflector Board, New Style Pop-A-Dent, Pro Hot Melt Glue Gun and Sticks, Rubber Hammer, Knockdown, Pulling Tabs and so on.

Final Feedback

Overall the set is good value, but not perfect. Come on; even the moon has scars on its body. Nothing in this world is perfect. The set is not perfect as well, especially the light bar is pretty disappointing.

Other than this, the set is pretty complete in every way. The price is reasonable, built quality is excellent, and it works like a true champion. So, don’t miss it, grab it before the stock expires.

10. Bonbo 100pcs Car Body Paintless Dent Repair Tools

Widely Used
Paint Friendly
Comes with Premium 47pcs Toolkit

The Bonbo gets its century! Yeah, it is the Sachin Tendulkar in the field of Dent Removal Tools with a total of 100 pcs.

The set contains every single kit can possibly be used in dent removal. All the components on the set are made of top quality materials.

They can handle any sized dent like a true champion. You will be amazed to have it on your hand.

Q) How is the construction quality of the Bonbo 100pcs Dent Repair Tools?

A) By all means, the construction quality of each of the components is outstanding. The manufacturers used top quality materials to form them up. Hence, these set will serve you many years without any problem. You will love the performance that’s for sure.

Q) Is it suitable for both large and small-sized dents?

A) Well, the set can handle dents ranges for 0.1 to 10 inches.

Q) Is it easy to use?

A) It is a professional quality dent removal kit, yet the method is pretty simple. You will never have to struggle. It can repair an auto dent, hail damage, strike, and so on. Also, the product is environment-friendly.

Q) Is the Bonbo 100pcs Dent Repair Tool Kit versatile?

A) Indeed it is versatile. The set can handle all kinds of cars, washing machines, refrigerators, motorcycle, and what not? You will be amazed by its versatile performance.

Q) Is there any warranty available?

A) Currently, the company offers a money-back guarantee with 18 months warranty. If you are not fully satisfied, they will return your money. This offer is not for a lifetime. If you need this offer, you have to buy the product right now.

Final Feedback

Though the set is excellent by all means, it is not yet trendy. The set is comparatively new in the market. Thus, people don’t know much about it.

But according to many experts, it is the complete set of the present era. The product has every little kit included for the task. The price is not prohibitive compared to size and quality.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dent Repair Tools

Most of you may think the budget as the most significant thing to look at. Yeah, it’s necessary, but there are few fundamental factors everyone should see while purchasing dent repair tool kit set.

For example- you need to know how much power you wish to put in while working, how many tools you require and which sized dent you usually want to deal with.

If you don’t understand those things, you might have ended up with a piece of crap. Let’s make you familiar with some fundamental tools on a dent removal set first then I will discuss the buying tips.

Introduction to Some Essentials

PDR Rods: Paintless Dent Repair Rods are used to handle dents in the door panels. The operating process is pretty straightforward. Here is the hack:

  • Slide it through the rubber window seal
  • Push out the dent from inside

The rod must be of excellent quality. Otherwise, it can harm the door of your vehicle.

Glue dent pullers: Glue Pulling is relatedly tricky method compared to PDR Rods. Here is the hack:

  • Glue a puller tag to the panel
  • Attach slide-hammer
  • Pull out dents

PDR rods are worked on the exterior panels. Those are needed for large dents. But Glue puller is useful on smaller dents.

Dent Lifter/bridge puller: The technique of Dent Lifter is identical to glue dent puller. But they are useful in lighter tasks. You can use dent lifter on tiny dents.

  • Dent lifter doesn’t require hammering out the dings; Instead, it mounts the lifter to the puller and lifts it smoothly with the bridge puller.
  • Be extremely attentive while using the tool.
  • Don’t raise the dent so high it will damage the panel

T-Slide Hammer: This tool is needed for heavy lifting tasks. Let’s see the operating method:

  • One end is mounted to a puller
  • The repairman has to use a sliding weighted handle on the bar
  • Hammer away from the dent and it will raise it
  • This tool must be made of high-grade steel. Otherwise, it will break down.

Pump Wedge: It is another fundamental component found on a dent removal kit. It is an inflatable bag. You have to put it in the door to make a broad gap to help the PDR rod. The kit is crucial for dent removal. Don’t purchase a set without this kit.

Important Factor That You Need to kNow

Here are some of the essential factors you need to consider seriously before buying your set. Let’s see:

Versatility: The Kit you purchase must be versatile. A versatile tool kit can handle a wide variety of applications apart from vehicles. For example- if the set is handy, you can handle damages on refrigerators, motorcycle and many other metal applications.

Look whether the set can handle hail damage, door dings, and other dents or not. If not, consider something else. The market is full of versatile options, why wasting money on something useless?

Operating Method: The PDR Kit must be easy to use. It will be handled not only by professionals but also by different levels of users. So, it must be simple and straightforward to use. If the beginner can use the kit without any problem, it is good to go.

Price: While shopping, price is the most essential factor. Everyone has their limit. Thankfully the prices of some of the best dent repair tools are not very high. Besides, the price varies on the number of components. If you need an inexpensive solution, you can go for a set that has less number of parts.

How to Repair a Dent with the Paintless Dent Removal Kit

Final Words

Using a dent removal kit will save three things: Your money, time, and effort. You don’t have to visit the Body Shop frequently and spend some dollar on repairing a tiny little dent from your vehicle. With one of the best Paintless Dent Repair Tools you can handle, it in ease.

Above I’ve mentioned some of the top products of our time along with some essential tips. I hope this guide will be useful to you in the long run. It’s my time to say Goodbye. But I am not leaving forever. Keep an eye on our blog. We will keep enlighten you with many more.

Thanks for reading!

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